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Dear family, I hope you’re ok. I’m Salomé and I would like to spend a year in USA in a host family. For beginning, I’m a French girl who like manual activities like cooking, baking, creating stuff and sometimes drawing but I also like playing video games. My favorite video games are Zelda and Just Dance. In my free time I like listening music, walking in the neighborhood, baking and just chilling on my phone talking with my friends. Like I written I love listening to music. My favorite artists are Lana Del Rey, Mitski, TV Girl and The Neighbourhood. I also like being with animals. I got 2 cats, 1 rabbit and 1 turtle at home. I’m a curious person so I like to try new activities, new sports, learn new things and sometimes I like that new things and after I want to do it every single day. In USA I would like to experience celebrations like Thanksgiving, Christmas, Halloween, Easter... in an American way because it looks so much better. I see a lot of pictures of what celebrations look like and American put so much more efforts and it looks more friendly, we fell the family atmosphere, the creativity with all the decorations... And I would like to be part of the creation of the decoration and of this cozy atmosphere. I would also like to experience an American barbecue because I heard a lot about it, and I want to try to see if it’s as good as we say! I’m currently in high school which is specialized in cooking class and service class that I’ve chosen. But I got common classes too like French, Mathematics, English, Geography... My favorite classes are cooking class and English class. Cooking class because I love cooking, in this class I learn more about new cooking techniques so I can get better and I learn new receipts too. And English class because I like speaking English, at first, when I was younger, I didn’t really like English. But in middle school I got I very good teacher who make me like English. Thanks to her, I become good at English in a very short time. And now I prefer English to French. Since this teacher I put more efforts to learn vocabulary, grammar rules... Social medias help me a lot too because I watch YouTube videos in English and I listen to most of English/ American artists and I get more and more better in oral comprehension. I would like to thank you to decide to participate in this experience and to welcome a student in your home. I like spending moments with people, and I would be happy to spend this future year with you all. I know everything will be fine and we will spend unforgettable moments together. Maybe see you next year! XXX

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French (native), English (6 years), Spanish (3 years)



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Noan (18)

Sharing cultures and building communities with high school exchange.

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