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's Letter

Dear host family, My name is Lili and I am in 10th grade, let me introduce myself and my life to you. I live with my parents and one of my two older brothers, so I am the youngest child, the « little one », as well as with my dog. My eldest brother, who doesn’t live at our parent’s house is an engineer student, the other one is a business student. My mum is a school director and my father is a business analysis director. My parents have been married for more than 20 years ! I am very dynamic ; I love swimming, hiking, running and riding horses among all possible activities. On top of everything, my favorite hobby is to spend time with animals (I have loved them since my youngest age !) especiallly horses and my dog, Nox ! I have been riding horses for 6 years. What I love to do is jumping, and I sometimes contest in show jumping ! My favorite horse is a little pony named Jaja and I really like to cuddle him. Therefore, I have always dreamt of becoming a veterinary. On top of that, I also like listenning to music, cooking, going out with friends, shopping (but not too much), watching movies, reading books, talking with others, learning about their life’s experiences and more generally learning about the world. On the other hand I don’t really like playing viedo games (or only occasionnaly) and being bored. During school period, I have class from Mondays to Fridays, so I spend most of my time studying, but on Wednesdays I try to have lunch with my school friends. On week-ends, I usually spend Saturdays at the equestrian center. On Sundays, I do my homework and play board games with my parents. Finally, I also try to make time because I am enthousiastic and willing to try new things or to learn new ones (like my friends always tell me, I am always up for doing some activies, new ones or not!). I usually try to find the positive side in all recreational activity. Because after all, there is good in all activities. I spend most of my vacation time with my whole familly : we are a lot, amoung uncles, ants and cousins, almost 15 ! So you can imagine that I am very sociable, I talk easily with other people, it is natural for me. I don’t really know how to describe myself... So I asked my friends to help me do it because I know that they love me just the way I am. They don’t try to change me. According to them, I am a very generous, nice and empathic person and with the sense for others. I don’t like to see anyone left alone, so I try to reach out for them (if they are willing to, of course !). I always try to make sure that everyone has the smile and the zest of life, if not I will be there since he got is smile back, kid or not ! I always be there for help, and be volunteer ! I am determined and persevering : when I have a goal in mind I will do my best to reach it. I am not afraid to work and I do not give up easily ! I can also be a funny person, I really like to make jokes. I want be the most honnest with you I am not perfect, but who is ? I am a sensitive person, for whom respect of the other take precedence over the rest ! I can adapt very easily, I can spend the whole day with little kids just as well as adults. I truly believe in the respect of others, and inclusion of everyone. Should you choose me, first of all I would be honored ! I want to live this year with you and learn more about life abroad, about your culture, traditions, the history of your homeland, improve my english... As I am fully aware that I am not a guest, I intend to actively take part in your family life, just the same way I do with mine : I will help you set the table, clean the house or appartement, wash dishes, do the laundry... I will be here to help you, truly ! Now that you almost went through with this letter, that you know more about me, I am so exicited to share this year of my life with you. I am sure that it will be such a wonderful experience ! I really thank you for making one of my biggest dream come true and of course give me the chance to live in your family ! You (obviously) can not see my face but I make the biggest smile I have ever made, for you ! Sincerely, Lili

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Thomas (17) Matéo (19)

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