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Dear host family, First of all, thank you so much for your hospitality. My name is Daphnée, I am French and I live in France with my parents, my little brother and my pets, I have two cats, two sheep, a mare and a guinea pig. I get along very well with my family, whether it’s my mother’s or my father’s side. I am a very organized and serious girl, I love being productive and doing a lot of things during the day. I spend a lot of time listening to music, reading books, studying, taking care of my animals, and spending time with my family and friends. I also like cooking, decorating my room to make me feel good, especially in the evening when I read, I really like being “coocooning” in my room. I also really like the traditional celebrations, I love the Christmas atmosphere, I find it magical: the whole family is together, drinking hot chocolate during snack time in front of a Christmas film and opening presents under the tree while It's snowing outside, after the famous Santa Claus came by. It’s my favorite holiday and one of my dreams would be to spend a Christmas in New York City, and not just a Christmas, this city makes me dream, I would love to visit it. In France I don't celebrate many other holidays but I know that Thanksgiving and Halloween are known in the United States and I would love to spend Thanksgiving with my host family, it looks so friendly, I'm sure that I would love it. Every year I can't wait to go skiing, I also love winter for the feeling of forgetting everything for a week, thinking only about hitting the slopes and having as much fun as possible. Otherwise I also really like traveling, I travel a lot with my parents which has fueled my desire to discover and visit more and more countries and continents. Besides, it's thanks to this that I came up with the idea of becoming an exchange student, I could actually live on another continent and not just stay there for the duration of a trip, and on top of that I I'll have my second family there. Since I was 13 and a half years old I have dreamed of becoming an exchange student, I only have one school year left in France and I will finally be able to realize my dream of becoming an exchange student, I would like to live this experience because I loves discovering new cultures and traditions. So when I heard about exchange students who go to the US for 10 months and, what's more, live with a family that they consider their second family, I immediately liked the idea! So here I am, I have never been so close to becoming an exchange student myself and this makes me infinitely happy. American high schools also make me dream: they are gigantic and have their own sports team, you don't have that in France and I think it's incredible! I can't wait to live with your family, I'm sure you will have a lot of things to show me and teach me once I'm with you. I will now tell you a little about my life in France. Outside of school holidays, I spend four and a half days out of seven at high school. I really like high school because I am with my friends but also because I like the classes, I like studying and learning new things every day. My favorite subjects are sciences. And then when I'm not in high school, I'm with my mare, I've been riding since I was four years old and it's my greatest passion, I'm very lucky to have my own mare, I I love her, her name is Unic and she's the same age as me. I go up about three times a week when there are classes. I ride with my best friend because she also has her own horses and it's really great because we do what we want with our days. We also have our coach who comes to our stables to give us lessons on Wednesday evenings. I also really like music and have been playing the piano for three years now, but I had to stop taking lessons this year because I no longer had time between high school and horse riding. Obviously it made me sad but I still play it at home for fun. I also like spending time with my family and friends, I find that the time spent with them is precious and that I should make the most of it, especially if I am not going to see them for 10 months. Later, the only profession I see myself pursuing is that of a doctor. These are my dream studies, and I will do everything possible to succeed in them, although they are as exciting as they are complex. Dear family, this letter is quite long but I wanted to make sure that you have enough information to know me a little. I would like to thank you a thousand times for welcoming me into your home and therefore making my dream of becoming an exchange student come true. If you have any questions or want to clarify certain things, don't hesitate. I hope to be able to connect and stay in touch with you virtually until we are reunited. Thank you so much. Daphnee

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