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's Letter

Dear future host family, I‘m Eddy from Germany. And this is my letter to you. First of all I‘d like to say a huge thank you for giving me the oppurtunity to become a part of your family for a whole year. I‘m incredibly grateful for that. My Name is Edwin, but I prefer Eddy. I‘m a very sporty person and coudn‘t live without it, so I go to the gym and try to learn callisthenics. I play basketball in my free time too. Furthermore I love to cook and bake and I got a fisher license too, but I was only a few times. I listen to music very often, for instance American rap (but way more than this) and I play piano since 3 years and I use this skill to produce music sometimes. Now to my school. My school is very nice and I like to go there. My favoutite subjects are, who‘d have thought, sport but art as well. I also like maths, English, Spanish and music. The only subject I do not like is sience. But I don’t hate it. I heard, in america, there are subjects like photografy and I‘m actually hyped to see this exotic subjects. The school is one of the most important places for me, to spent time with my friends. That‘s the main reason, for me, to like school, cause the most of my friends are in my class. So we got a friendgroup, where we all know each other very well. But we also spent time together, besides the school. Like going to the lake or playing basketball. Or just walk outside and see what comes. I got many interests. For example everything with sports, drawing (digital as well), listen and produce music, traveling and learn about other cultures, this is one reason for me to make this exchange, cooking and baking, I might cook something from my culture for you :). I’m also interested in fashion, fishing and good nutrition. But it‘s also very important to me to watch a good series or a good movie sometimes. I play videogames, but quiet rarely. And I like to be craetive and making things from scratch. So I‘m sure that we can match some interests. My family is also very important to me, and I love them so much. I got one sibling and he is annoying sometimes, so I’m looking foreward to not take care of him everytime. My parents live together and we spent the most time together on weekends and in vacation. I’m sure that I’m gonna miss them. But I‘m also looking foreward to meet you and become a part of your live and family. I‘d describe myself as a very motivated person and definitely very neat and structured. I thibk I’m very humorous. I don‘t drink or smoke. And I‘m atheistic but respectful of religion though. But particularly these things, like religion or culture, are one if the reasons, why I make this exchange. Of course also to learn English and see the landscape or maybe a few bigger cities and of course I wanna live the American life. And I also wanna make a own opinion about stereotypes from the United States and I might clarify stereotypes from Germany. I’m also really looking forward to become a part of your live and your family. My dream job in the future is pilot, because I‘d be able to see the entire world, which is very important to me, and as a pilot, you get a pretty attractive salary. For this job, English skills are probably the most important thing. These are the reasons, why I wanna do this exchange and meet you! I hope you were able to make an impression of me, but my parents gonna write a letter too though, there you can take other impressions and hopefully decide for me ;). Thank you guys very much and I‘m looking foreward to meet you! See you soon, your Eddy.

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German (native), English (7 years), Spanish (4 years)



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Alfred (15)

Sharing cultures and building communities with high school exchange.

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