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Dear Host Family, thank you so much for reading my letter and for giving me the possibility to live in your family. First , I would like to introduce myself to you and give you an impression of who I am and what I am interested in. My name is Maxima and I am from Germany. I love to travel and to explore new countries and cultures. I visited many different countries, such as Namibia, Canada, China, USA and many more. My family and I went to the US four times. Because of that I saw many different parts of it and completely fell in love with it. I reali z ed I only got to see the country through the eyes of a tourist. That’s why I have chose n the US for my exchange year. I want to get to know the American culture and experience how it is to live there. My friends describe me as a very funny, friendly and responsible person. They also said, that I am always in a good mood and that I couldn’t live a week without doing any sport . I live together with my parents Michaela and Markus, and my nine year old brother Mika. Although my brother is six years younger than me, we do a lot togethe r, for example playing soccer , table tennis or doing some outside activities. We both have separate rooms, but that doesn’t stop him from barging in my room every day and asking if we could do something together . My parents are both working , my mother is working as an IT manager and my father is an engineer. I am part of a soccer team and do athletics. I go to soccer practice twice a week and to athletics once. Every weekend we have a soccer match or I take part in a running competition over 5kms. Four years ago, I joined the soccer team with a few of my friends , such as Leni and Cathrin . We still play together in one team and some of our other friends even decided to join us. 2 years ago one of the coaches asked Leni and myself if we wanted to help him to coach five year old children . We agreed and helped him. One year later we became coaches to our own soccer team. I am still volunteering as a soccer and athletics coach and it’s truly amazing Seeing these children fall in love with a sport I am also participating in is a great feeling I am also a big fan of music and concerts. I listen to artists like Sunrise Avenue, Coldplay, Taylor Swift, Harry Styles, Kodaline or St Lundi. I love them all but Sunrise Avenue is my favorite. I attended many concerts I saw Sunrise Avenue four times live and some of the artist listed above once or twice. I d on’t just listen to music I play the guitar too. I go to guitar lessons with my best friend Elenaguitar lessons with my best friend Elena once a weekonce a week.. I am really looking I am really looking forward to forward to attending attending schoolschool in the US and in the US and trying out some new thingstrying out some new things during my exchange yearduring my exchange year.. I am really excited to live with your family and to learn about your I am really excited to live with your family and to learn about your culture. I really hope we can create the most amazing and unforgettable culture. I really hope we can create the most amazing and unforgettable memories together. Best wishes Maximamemories together. Best wishes Maxima

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