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Skiing or Snowboarding
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Running or Jogging


's Letter

Hello! I hope you are well. I am a person who loves sports like soccer and likes to spend time with family. I am the youngest of four siblings, that's why I'm always surrounded by a lot of people, so it's never difficult for me to socialize with new people, which I like and enjoy, because I have a lot to learn from each person I meet, and even more now that they will be from a totally new country for me. I have three pets, which are two dogs and one cat. My pets are called Roma and Chestnut, they are very playful and when I have free time I play with them or do sports activities with them. We also have a field in the south, which is on the bank of a beautiful river, in which we have horses, which is my favorite animal, and chickens. My favorite hobbies are playing with my friends, but I love when I play with my brothers and my entire family since we do fun activities like going jogging, going for a walk to the lake, among other things. My parents are very kind, friendly and loving. Sometimes we play different games at home like whoever cooks the best or we tell each other jokes. I love animals and when I go to the zoo I love learning from them about what they eat, where they live and among others. Almost always on vacation we go to the lake with friends and family to practice water sports such as wakeboarding. I once went to the United States on vacation and I would have loved to stay longer because I wanted to learn about the culture in the United States and how they celebrate the anniversary of their country, also what their typical foods are, their typical games and, above all, American dancing. For my family in the United States, I would like to teach them about Chilean culture and what activities can be do here in Chile. Mainly I want to go to the United States to learn and speak English well, get to know American culture and learn about new sports which here in Chile are not practiced like American football. One of the activities that I like to do the most but that I do very little of is going to watch soccer at the stadium. When I was younger I did it very often but now I don't do it much. At my school we have a soccer team and we participate in soccer championships and there are also rugby championships. I really like the United States and I really want to go and live there, because there is a great variety of landscapes in nature and many animals that I don't have in my country. I think that there is a place where I will learn a lot in all areas and I will be able to increase myself in an incredible way. In addition to the above, the English I will learn there will be very useful for my future, in my day-to-day life and in my future work and university life. I hope you meet and I hope you see us soon, BYEE!!

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