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Hi! Nice to meet you! I’m writing you this letter, to introduce myself, for you to be easier to know who I truly am :) So, I’m Azillis, and I’m living in Normandy in France. I love movies, because I think it’s like traveling from your sofa, living so many lives and experiences and feel all the emotions of the world. I also love books because I think that as a movie, you can travel through your own mind by only read one sentence in a book. I’m imaginative and that’s why I love so many movies and books. And because I love movies, my dream would be to be an international actress in America and in Korea (because I love k-drama!). Because I want to be an actress, I’m taking drama class and audiovisual class where I’m doing short-movies and it’s super cool! I’m speaking French, I’m fluent in English and I just start the Korean. I love learning about other because it’s so interesting to hear about people life and experiences and I like making new friends. I’m empathic and kind. I love helping other because I think it’s important to take care of each other and be kind to everyone. Last year, I did a world tour for 6 months and went to the USA (it was the first time) and I LOVED the country. So, I decided to spend maybe 3 months there. And then I, when I start doing research, I was like « And why not spend one ALL year there? », and here I am, writing you this letter ;) . I never thought it could be possible! I love learning new things and discover new places, and that’s also why I want to spend 1 year in the USA. I want to live like a Native American (knowing the daily life of other countries is one of my favorite things). I would like to do Christmas under snow like in American movies (because in France there is not that much of snow sadly) but I would also like to do a BBQ in the garden when pretty days will come back. I think that if in my high school there are interesting things, I would love to join a club, or going Cheerleading. I really want to know more about you like: your dreams, your favorite place, what makes you feel happy or sad… So, I hope I helped you to know me more and I can’t wait to meet you and your family! Thanks so much for taking time to read that letter and to make my dream or the dream of another teen came true by welcoming an exchange student in your home, because it will maybe be the best experience of are life so thank you so much! See you soon!

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