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Hi, I’m Agnese! First of all I want to thank you for hosting me for six months, this is a very important experience for me and I’m really grateful to you for making my dream come true. I really hope we will get to know each other well and build a strong relationship that will stay with us forever. I can’t wait to learn more about you! What do you do in your everyday life? I’m a girl from Italy who lives in a family with two parents, two brothers, one sister and two cats. My dad’s called Alessandro and he’s an engineer, while my mother Cinzia is a doctor. My two brothers are Jacopo, an eighteen year old guy who is attending his last year of high school, and Michele, who is fourteen and has just started it. The little one of the family is Amalia, my ten years old sister, who is now attending her last year of elementary school. Then, I have two cats named Fred and George. They’re full of energy and always play around with each other. I love my family, they support my choices, but they also make me understand when I’m wrong. I also have many cousins with whom I’ve always been very close since childhood and my grandparents; I love them more than anything, they’re always there for me. I can’t wait to know you, your habits and the whole family! What do you like to do together? But what about me? I think I’m a joyful and optimistic person. Sometimes I can be a little exuberant, especially when I feel comfortable with someone. I’m confident and I also consider myself kind and outgoing. I love spending time with my friends, but I also need some time alone; I really enjoy reading books, watching movies or series, drawing and playing the guitar. Maybe I could play you something when I’m there! What type of music do you like? Another thing I really love is to cook. I’m good at baking cakes and biscuits, especially. I would really like to share my favorite recipes with you and even more I would love to learn some of yours! Another thing about me is that I have practiced artistic gymnastics since I was three years old. It really helped me with my confidence and determination. It taught me to never give up and always try my best to achieve my goals. I love the sport, but what I love more are my teammates, my teacher and the gym. It’s a place where I feel comfortable and in some ways at home. For this exchange experience the first thing I’m looking forward to is to build strong relationships with the people I’ll meet. I can’t wait to know more about you and I hope you will be happy to discover who I am. I can’t wait to make some memories together, which I will always carry in my heart. I would like to make some friends and get to experience the teenagers' American life. Then, I really want to know more about your festivities. Here in Italy families always gather for lunch or dinner at Christmas and Easter and we eat some typical foods. What do you do on holidays? I’m looking froward to experiencing that! Thank you for reading my letter, I hope you are curious to know me as much as I am. I look forward to hearing from you and sharing this beautiful and exciting experience together. Love, Agnese.

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Jacopo (18) Michele (14) Amalia (10)

Sharing cultures and building communities with high school exchange.

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