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Hi, I’m Paula. I live in Spain with my family. I live with my mom, my dad and my sister. My sister is two years younger than me and I love making plans with her because I get on very well with her. I also have a lot of friends with whom I enjoy spending my free time. Some of my hobbies are listening to music, seeing the sunset, meeting my friends, spending the day outside with my family, shopping, going to the cinema, traveling, ice skating and playing volleyball. I started playing volleyball three years ago at school and I loved it. I train two hours a week and I enjoy these moments because I disconnect a lot and I spend a very good time with the girls on my team. My trainer is called Fran and he helps us a lot to improve doing this sport. At the weekends, normally on Saturday mornings, we have a match and I love this moment of the day. Talking about school, I go to my school since I was three years old and I like it a lot because there are very good teachers and I have a lot of good friends. My favorite subjects are the ones that talk about something related to Science and also I enjoy English classes. I like working hard to achieve my goals, so I study a lot to get good marks. My favorite part of the year is summer. In the summer holidays I like going to the beach, spending some weeks in the village with my grandparents and my cousins, going to the swimming pool and making plans with my friends. Describing me, I think I am a cheerful, responsible, hard-working and a sleepyhead girl. Talking about food, I have a very varied diet: vegetables, meat, fish, chicken, pasta, fruit… My favorite dishes are macaroni with tomato sauce, pizza, chicken, hamburgers, Spanish omelets and croquetas. But the best part for me is the dessert. I would like to spend a year in the USA because I want to improve my English, I would like to learn things about other countries and cultures and I would like to make friends from other places in the world. I’m a bit scared because it is a very big change for me but I am very excited. The only time I traveled abroad without my family was last year when I went to Oxford with the school. I spent there one week with an English family. In the mornings we visited famous places there and, in the afternoons, we took English lessons. The first day it was all very strange because life there was very different from life here in Spain, but I loved the experience and I didn’t want to come back here. I hope I enjoy my experience in the USA because I know I won't forget it.

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