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Dear future host family, My name is Lydia and I’m from Germany. I would like to spend a year abroad in the US. While I am on my exchange, I want to experience a classic American high school and learn more about the American way of life. One of my main goals is obviously to improve my English. But besides that, I also want to meet new people and make new friends, whom I can even stay connected with after my exchange. Another important reason why I’m doing this is that I can learn a lot about myself during my exchange. Because when you’re abroad, no one knows who you are and you can be whoever you want. My hometown is a bigger city. I live there with my two parents and my two brothers, who are currently attending school. I also have a bigger sister, but she has already moved out to study at a university. My mother is an undertaker and my father is a property manager. I’ve never been anywhere besides Europe, but there is something about the United States that fascinates me. When I had to choose a country for my exchange year, I immediately knew that I wanted to go to the US. I like how different your country is. For example, the difference between living in a big city like New York or living on a farm in Texas. These are just two completely different ways of living, which fascinate me. I am currently in 10th grade in school. My favorite subjects are Arts and of course English. I think our school systems are quite different, Here in Germany, you aren’t able to choose between different subjects until you’re doing your A-levels. But even then, you can only choose between subjects you’ve already had during the last years. So I am actually really excited to have the opportunity to choose between interesting subjects in high school. I also enjoy doing sports. I’m currently not in any sports team, but I sometimes play tennis with my dad or do a workout on my own at home. But in the US I want to join a tennis or maybe a dancing team. In my free time, I like spending time with my friends. Just hanging out with them or doing activities like pottery painting. Generally, I like doing things with people I enjoy being around. I’m also into reading. I usually read fantasy and romance books. Besides that, I also enjoy baking and cooking, while listening to good music. I believe I am a calm person who laughs a lot. I try to help people where I can, but because I am more of an introvert, I also need time for myself sometimes. But overall I enjoy doing creative things and I’m open and willing to try something new during my exchange year. Thank you for considering me as your exchange student. I would be glad to join a great family. Kind regards, Lydia

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German (native), English (5 years)



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Tanja (21) Ben (19) Jan (10)

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