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Dear my host family Hello! My name is Mikako. I’m from Japan. I'm going to join an exchange program in your country. First of all, I’d like to introduce myself. I have many hobbies. First, I love watching musicals. I love actors singing, dancing, and acting. My favorite musical is “Crazy For You”, and I belong to the drama club at my school. Second, I like taking pictures. When I was a junior high school student, I belonged to the photo club. I always take pictures whenever I go out. Third, I enjoy cooking. Especially I make sweets a lot. I like cooking because I can make everyone happy. For example, I make a cake for family members’ birthdays. My family will be happy if I make it for their birthdays. Fourth, I like music. I have been taking violin and piano lessons. I played music that she likes on my mother’s birthday two years ago. I am happy every time I can make people happy with my performance. I enjoy music not only for playing but also for listening. I often listen to K-pop and English songs. I have drama club activities on weekdays, and I study for exams or go out with my friends. I sometimes go to Karaoke or eat out with them. I would also like to introduce my family. There are three members in my family, and we are a happy family. My father is Daikichi. “Daikichi” means the best fortune, a happy thing in Japanese. He is very good at computers. He is a very kind person. My mother is Mijung. She is a Korean. She often teaches me the Korean language and culture. She is a fun person. I would like to play some sports or go out with you. I’m looking forward to taking part in traditional American events and parties. I also want to see the vast nature of your country. There are some things I can do for you. For example, I can cook traditional Japanese dishes. In addition, I can teach you about Korea too. And I will do housework as a member of your family. Through this exchange program, I would like to experience various cultures and gain a broader perspective. I am willing to jump into a completely new world and grow up as a person. Also, I want to develop my initiative through the exchange year. I will express my opinions actively and participate in various extracurricular activities. I believe overcoming cultural differences will be the most challenging part of being an exchange student, but I want to try different customs and habits actively. By doing so, I can learn the benefits of new adventure. I have two goals. One is to help people with medicine and medical care. I have been interested in science experiments since I was a child, so it is my pleasure to be able to help people through scientific research. The other is to travel around the world. I'm interested in other countries' languages and cultures. And I want to see those countries with my own eyes. I want to connect people from different countries and support new developments. Thank you for reading this letter to the end. I am looking forward to seeing you! Sincerely, Mikako

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