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Hello dear family ! Firstly, I wanted to thank you for taking the time to read my letter, hoping you will like it! My name is Jeanne, I live with my parents (Laetitia and Mickael), my twin brother (Jules) and my 8-year-old sister (Eva). My parents divorced a long time ago so I’m on joint custody ever since. I also have a stepmother and a stepfather with whom I get along really well! I have the chance to have a really close-knit family on both my mother and my father's side. We love going to the restaurant (especially my father’s) and travelling together. However, my parents work a lot so I’m not always with them. I would say I’m more particularly close to my mother, we love cooking, shopping and gossiping together. I am also close to my brother because we have a lot in common and we are hanging out with the same people. I often get invited to party thanks to him! My parents give me a lot of freedom and I try to be worthy of it. I think it made me become even more autonomous. In my family we love Christmas and I can’t wait to experience it in the US with you! I do not really know how to describe myself so I asked my parents and friends to do it for me. So according to them, I’m a nice, open-minded and outgoing person! I make friends pretty easily when I’m comfortable. I am curious and persevering. They also said that I was funny which I kind of agree with them on this point…but I would let you judge by yourself! I am also positive and serious, I get involved in everything that is asked of me. However, most of the time I’m calm and I love having my own space but I also love going out and meeting new people too. I’m a perfectionist and hard on myself sometimes but I’m working on it! In high school we are a big group of friends and we spend most of our time together. My brother and I have the same friends which is sometimes good, and sometimes not! School ends late and we have homework so we mostly go out on weekends. We usually go once a week in Paris to go to the cafe, cinema or shops. We don’t really like not doing anything. I go to a public high school. The 3 optional subjects that I took are Mathematic, English and SES (economics), I really like what I’m learning! I don’t hate going to school, I even kind of enjoy it sometimes but school In France is really hard and stressful…I also have to take the bus and the train every morning and night for almost an hour which is really annoying…But it’s the occasion to see my friends so it doesn’t bother me too much. As I was saying I am open-minded and I like a lot of things! I love music (Billie Eillish, Taylor Swift, The weeknd…), fashion and cinema. I’m a huge fan of Grey's Anatomy and Prison Break for example. I read a lot of books in English for the last 2 years (romance, fantasy etc ) and I love learning new things about everything. I also love big cities because there are always plenty of things to do. I’m really athletic and I’ve done a lot of sport in my life like volleyball, gymnastic, dance and tennis (I’m terrible at tennis by the way). I also try to go to the gym when I can, I usually go once or twice a week. But what I love, above all, is traveling and discovering new cultures/countries. I also really enjoy diving and skiing (I have been skiing with my family since I was 3 years old). I sometimes baby-sit and I love kids! I am really interested in other cultures and I love speaking foreign language (I’m really bad at German though). I think my life is pretty basic and I need change, that is the main reason of my decision to do this exchange year. I want to improve my English and meet new people. This year will allow me to become more independent and will be a real asset for my future job! I also want to experience the life of an American student and be able to watch football games! I have always wanted to go visit the USA and cities like New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Las Vegas and so much more! I would love to experience it with you but I will understand if it's not possible! Now that you got to know me at least through this letter, I can say I can’t wait to meet you! Thank you for giving me the chance of being a part of your family and I have no doubt that we will have an amazing year together. Sincerely, Jeanne

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