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Dear future host family, My name is Ambre. I live in a small and quiet town not far from a very big city. I grew up in a house surrounded by my parents, my brother, my friends and cat. My family loves spending time together. For example, on the evening, we eat together and after, we watch a movie or play at different board games. Not too late of course... I'm rarely alone but loneliness does not scare me. For example, I'm able to take a big decision by myself as quit my family for one whole year in a host family in a foreign country, far from my relatives. Of course, my parents help me and support me in this project. The anxiety of being away from my home is reduced by the excitement of meeting a new (host) family and discovering a new country, a new culture. What a fantastic experience ! One of my dreams would be to ideally have a host sister close to my age... a host brother would be great too...both should be wonderful! Of course, a family without children would also suit me very well and I would be very happy too. I live in an artistic environment. My father is a professional musician, my mom works in the staff of a music conservatory and my brother Arthur also practices music, he plays bassoon. As you can see, everyone in my family is into music but since I don’t like to do like everyone else, I chose dance even if I love music ! Currently, I practice dance in intensive training. Like this, I can live from my passion every day. Each morning, I take a bus to go to school and after, on the afternoon I go to the conservatory to continue to learn dance. I've been dancing since I was 3. I tried several styles of dance and today, I can say that classical and contemporary have my preference. All these artistic environment makes me very creative and open-minded. To help you get to know me better, I'd prefer ask some friends to describe me. In fact, it's very difficult to describe oneself in words. My friends describe me like a caring, funny, kind and sociable girl. My family describes me as an autonomous, responsible, courageous, organize and determinated girl. Sometimes my teachers and my parents tell me that I'm a bit too talkative. They also tell me that I'm perfectionist but come to think of it, I think this is more of a quality. My parents blame me for not eating everything, but I'm getting better every day ! I specify that when I like, I love to eat... especially cakes and all kind of sweets. I always insist to stop the car when I see a Starbucks !! Chicken, salmon, pasta or pizza are my favorite dishes. They also tell me that I never give up when I want to obtain something...I admit that is true, I'm a bit stubborn...and I often get what I want. Except dance, I love cinema, fashion and beauty, cooking and travel.I love to cook and I will be very happy to prepare French specialities for you...Another passion is interior decoration. I can spend a day tidying up and decorating my room. One of the most important things in my life is cat. I love pets and I cannot imagine my future life without them. I consider Maya as my daughter !! My expectations of a host family are the sharing of their culture and I expect them to be caring, warm and compassionate about my level of English language. I will do my best and of course, I will work hard before coming to United State of America to improve my level to the maximum. It will be more easy to communicate. But since I'm very talkative, you may be very happy when I stop talking to search my words!!! I would also need my host family to better integrate me in this new environment to be in total confidence. Maybe you'd like to ask me "Why do you choose the United State of America ?" I have always been very attracted to this wonderful country. The tv shows Gossip Girl and Hight School musical are not there for nothing. These are the programs that made me want to discover American culture and also the life of an American student in a Hight School. This opinion was reinforced by my best French friend who has now lived in Atlanta for two years with her family. I must admit that I would like to be student in an American university one day... The things that make me dream the most are Cheerleading, the Prom, Halloween, Christmas in New York and of course discovering life in general in the United State... I know that real life is not like a movie, so I don't want to expect too much and I'm looking forward to create my own experience... Thank you very much for reading my letter with interest. I can't wait to meet you and would be very grateful if you chose my candidature. Best regards, Ambre.

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