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Dear Host Family, My name is Candice and I live in a small town in the North West of France. It is about 3 years time that I'm thinking to leave for an Exchange year and now I really hope that my dream will come true. What about my personality? I'm dynamic and outgoing, I can say I'm a very talkative girl, I love spending time with my friends. I am a sensitive person and sometimes I can be easily hurt. I always want to give the best of me, I have a good temperament and am kind to everyone. Finally, I'm in love with Fashion especially bags and shoes and I am fan of Harry Potter movies! I have a big family, one brother and one sister, one half brother and one half sister, and two cats! In fact my dad had 2 children in his first marriage, he had custody of his children when he got divorced. Then he met my mum and they decided to have three children together, I'm the youngest. So 11 years ago we were 7 at home. My older brother Vincent (we never use "half brother" in my family) is 31 years old and has a son. Now, our house is a bit empty because 3 of them are gone to live their own lives, I still have my sister Léa (22 years old) with me at home. But we often meet all together on Sundays. I practice Twirling since I am 6 years old, it is an artistic and technical mix of gymnastics and dance with baton movements. It requires concentration, a lot of rigor, dexterity and grace. My team and I were champions of France in 2022, it was a surprising and incredible moment because we had not expected it. This sport occupies my time a lot because I have 2 trainings a week, moreover I train a young team once a week. On top of that, I practice Modern Jazz Dance that I really enjoy because it's more fun, it's just one evening per week but we have shows during the year. Finally I have another hobby that is novel Reading, books are a way for me to escape from reality. By going to High School, I want to discover the American culture and live as an American student, I can't wait to live an amazing experience and make new friends. Moreover I would like to discover the famous American hospitality by spending time with your family and having special moments with you. This gap year is necessary for me to become bilingual, in fact in the future I have the project to become an English Teacher or a French Teacher in USA or a stewardess. Best Wishes. Candice

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Léa (22)

Sharing cultures and building communities with high school exchange.

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