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Horseback Riding/Racing
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Skiing or Snowboarding
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Dear future host family, thank you so much for participating in the exchange program and considering me as your host student! I‘m so excited to finally meet you and start my adventure as an exchange student for a half year by your side. My name is Leny, I am a German girl and I live together with my parents Sandra & Frank and my older sister Emmy in a house on the outskirts of a town. We have a dog named Käthe and two rabbits named Winnie and Stups. I love spending time with my family, especially having dinner together or playing board games. During the holidays we like to drive with our camper van to different countries for example Sweden or Norway. I think it is an awesome way of traveling because it‘s a feeling of freedom. We also like to go skiing as a family in France. One of my hobbies is horse riding. I enjoy it since I‘m a little girl. I‘m at the stable twice a week. Otherwise I like to go to the fitness center and work out. I go there three to four times a week, but that depends on the week. I go there, to school or friends by bike. Spending time with my friends is also very important to me. Often we just sit by someone‘s house or at a cafe and talk. During the week I always have to be home at 10 pm. On the weekends I am able to go out until 12 pm, but that depends on where I am and especially how I get home. I would describe myself as an open, honest and adaptable person. I always try to make the best out of situations, even if it‘s tough. Living in the moment and enjoying every second of life really matters to me. I‘m looking forward to meet new people, make new experiences and work on myself. All in all I‘m excited to have the best time in the USA. I would be glad to get to know you soon. Best wishes, Leny

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German (native), English (7 years), French (3 years)



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Sharing cultures and building communities with high school exchange.

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