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Dear Host Family, Hello. I’m Miyu. Thank you for accepting me as a volunteer. Before studying abroad, I would like to introduce myself. First, let me introduce my daily life. On weekdays, I usually have club activities after going to school. After that, study until 20:00 in the school’s self-study room before going home. I’m in the dance club and have club activities four days on weekdays and one day on weekends. When I don’t have club activities, I go out with my friends or family. My friend and I recently went to a festival and had fireworks. When I go out with my family, I often have sushi for lunch and then go shopping at the mall. I also went camping with my family and traveled to Okinawa. After studying abroad, I want to go out with my host family a lot. I have been to America, so I want to go out and experience American culture a lot. I also want to talk a lot with my host family on the way to go out. I like talking to people, so let’s talk a lot!! I want to talk about Japan too!!! Now let me introduce you to my family. First is my mother. She consults with me and kindly teaches me math and science problems that I don’t understand. She loves to travel and gets along well with everyone. Next is my father. He loves camping and stag beetles. He is bright and optimistic. The third is my sister. She is two years younger than me. I hang out with her like friends and consult with each other. She loves games. Lastly, my brother. He is eight years younger than me. He is competitive. Our family often foes to eat sushi because he loves sushi. Now about my school. What like about my school is that it values individuality. Many Japanese schools have strict rules. But my school is different. The school is run by the students themselves, with a school motto of “liberty and creativity”.At the sports festival, each class decides on a theme, makes a uniform for each student, and decorates it with a picture on a large 2-mater board. I want to show you my photos again!! My hobby is listening to music, I listen to Japanese singer Aimyon, One Direction, jazz, and film music. I especially like One Thing among One Direction songs. I also like Kendama. Kendama is a Japanese toy. Let’s play Kendama together after studying abroad!! I often play badminton with my sister in the park near my house. Recently, I’ve become addicted to trying to see how many rallies we can continue in a row. Next, I would like to talk about why I decided to study abroad. The reason I wanted to go to America through this study abroad program was because I wanted to broaden my horizons. I have two dreams now. The first is to become a doctor because I had a doctor heal my injuries. When I was in the third grade of elementary school, I had a big injury on the left half of my face. I had never had a serious injury or illness before, so I was really worried. At that time, the dermatologist gave me kind words and treated me carefully. Thanks to the doctor, my wounds have healed to the point where I can barely see them. This experience made me want to help people like me. The second reason why I wanted to work abroad was because I had a dream. I had the opportunity to hear stories from people working overseas.It seems that the person is overseas and helping Japanese people abroad. The person who is talking about it seems to be having a lot of fun, I wish I could do something useful overseas.I haven’t decided exactly what kind of work I want to do, so I want to decide what I want to do while studying abroad.In this way, I wanted to go abroad to reflect on myself, and which dream I want to achieve. The reason why I chose the United States from among so many countries is because, as America is said to be a country of immigrants, people with many different cultures live in one country. I thought it would help me broaden my horizons.In Japan, many university students go to study abroad, and not many people study abroad in high school. The reason why I decided to study abroad as a high school student is because I want to connect what I experienced in studying abroad to my future career.To become a doctor and to work abroad, the university I go to is different. I want to make this study abroad a precious time that will change my life. Finally, I am very grateful to be able to spend my study abroad period with you. As mentioned above, I will do my best to improve myself!Thank you for choosing me!!!! Sincerely, Miyu

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