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Dear host family, Thank you very much for reading my letter and for your willingness to participate in the exchange program. I would be very happy if you would accept me to be part of your family. Together with my brother and my parents, I live in a small village in the south-west of Germany in a nice house with a beautiful garden. I attend a grammar school with bilingual education (German and English) and I love the English language. We have a native-speaking assistant teacher with whom I enjoy talking. I have also been learning French for three years now. My exchange year will be in 2024/2025, after my 9th grade year. I'm incredibly looking forward to it because I really enjoy experiencing new things and exploring the world. In the US, I would love to visit different places, meet people, and make friends. I am really looking forward to the high school experience and the opportunity to learn new subjects. I also want to learn about American culture, the people who live there and what their everyday life is like. I enjoy going to school and get along very well with everyone, but I met my best friends outside of school and I do a lot with them and my family in my free time. I am very open, outgoing, straightforward and love to have new experiences. I enjoy playing sports, especially dancing, playing soccer and swimming. I enjoy reading books and listening to music. In my exchange year I would like to try new sports like cheerleading and basketball. My favorite food is Italian, and I love fruit. I would also like to cook you a traditional German dish one day, for example "Spätzle" from our region. I regularly tutor an elementary school child and train children in dancing as an exercise instructor. I also do childcare in the neighborhood from time to time. Dealing with children gives me a lot of joy. My mother is a teacher, my father a school district director, and they both love their jobs. In their free time, they do a lot with us kids. My brother is one and a half years younger than me and we get along very well. We are a close family and I hope to become a part of your family as well. After graduating from school, I would like to do a voluntary social year or work as an au-pair for a year. After that I plan to study - I don't know yet what exactly I will study but I would like to use the English language in my job. Everything I have read and heard about the USA has made me determined to get to know the country, the people, and the culture. I am really excited to meet you! Warm Regards, Jana

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German (native), English (4 years), French (3 years)



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