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Hello dear, Hope you are doing well! Let me introduce myself, and I would like to begin it as - I am a curious ever smiling and optimistic teenager who loves to know about each and everything that exists in the world. I am always very keen to learn and know about different things because this world word is so beautiful and it has many beautiful diversities within it. I am a huge fan of "Black Pink" a South Korean girl group. I love listening to their songs which consist of melodious beats whenever I watch or listen to them whether their songs or speeches in their award shows I feel very proud of them and keep in mindset that I have to become like them the way they love their fans, the way they handle every situation and present themselves. I am the youngest member in my family, I have two elder loving sisters and caring mother and father. I love to spend some quality time with my family every day in the evening. I make tea for my family and we have some crisp talks whether it is about the funny incidents we had in our childhood or some guidance by my sisters and parents on the problems I am facing. I'm very close to my grandmother and love to share every small thing with her. I stay connected with my grandmother through mobile phone as she lives away from me but we are connected through the ropes of our hearts. My grandfather passed away before my birth but I tried to collect information about his personality and many more incidents by talking to my grandmother and my parents. That's how I feel connected to him. I help my mother in the kitchen as her right hand because I love to share responsibilities and I am always curious to learn the recipes of the dishes she cooks. I help my father sometimes in drafting mails and I am always there with my sister in making projects as we three use our young and creative minds with many skills we make projects with many innovative ideas and imagination. I am in love with tips and tricks given by old age people for knowing the better meaning of life and always be ready to face challenges. Conversation with a senior citizen who lives next door is always a source of motivation for me. She talks about simple basic rules of life to stay happy and positive so I spare time to talk to her. She boosts my morale and inspires me to achieve the goals I am looking forward to fulfill in my future. I am a very foodie person who loves to taste new dishes. In my school I play Congo, Bongo and octapad. I participate in many competitions also. Music gives relaxation and calmness to my mind whenever I feel low I start listening to the music. I try to explore and create my own beats and music as I like dancing, drawing, painting. I watch videos on YouTube and follow my favourite singers and dancers. I have dozens of drawings and paintings drawn by me and last but not the least comes the person whom I consider as my family member is my best friend in school. We share and respect each other's point of views and we both work together to find solution and medicine of the problems we face. Whenever I make friends I promise them as well as me to always be loyal and truthful. For me being true to your near and dear ones is the most important thing. I am very hopeful to get the opportunity of being a K L YES participant. If I get selected for this program it will be a huge platform for me to make new friends (from diverse backgrounds) and create strong bond with them. In my life I don't want to get confined in a particular area rather I want to break all the boundaries and explore all the horizons that are embedded in this beautiful world. As I am pursuing for becoming an RBI (Reserve Bank of India) officer if I get selected in high school study program, I am pretty confident that I will learn about the US economy and how the country works for the growth and development of its people and what are the challenges they face. The comparative analysis of both the countries will greatly help me to learn how to uplift economic status of my people. If I get selected in this program my parents will feel very proud of me as they are working very hard to fulfill their responsibilities and provide me healthy environment to grow and excel in every field of life. Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Warm Regards A Curious Teen

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