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Tennis/Soft Tennis
Travel/Road Trips
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Fatma Ceren

's Letter

Dear American family, My name is Fatma Ceren but everybody calls me Ceren. I'm the only child in the family. I have a good relationship with my mom and my dad. We like spending quality time with each other. For example my dad plays tennis and I’m playing with him since I was a child. I like cooking with my mom, making cakes and cookies basically. And I like to travel with them. Like I said I'm the only child in the family so I have responsibilities too. This responsibilities more like helping to my mom for cleaning, cooking etc. But to be honest, I don't have much time for these because school takes too much time and when I got home I'm came in very tired which it takes my weekdays entirely. But on the weekends, I love spending time with my friends. Sometimes we just go to somewhere and talk about what's new in our lives. And of course since I don't have time during the week, I also practice violin on the weekends. And if the weather is good, I play tennis. I can say I'm a very social person so I like meeting with new people or just hang out with my friends. I have a friend group that I meet nearly every Saturday evening. But since I live in a small city, we don't have really much things to do. I love my city it's small, quite and nothing happens to bother you but it could be better to be able to say “oh let's go to the concert or come on let's try something new. You can't do that in here because there is no opportunities in here. I love traveling. So when I think about that one of the easiest way to do that is being a pilot, to see nearly all around the world. So I want to be a pilot but it can change in any minute because I'm not a very determined person. Another future plan of mine is to become a professional violinist. I love music and I want to be with the music for the rest of my life. Making this a real job for me would be amazing. There are some things you should know about me. I love animals but I'm not very good at beign close enough to touch them. Especially cats. I don't like cats and don't want to live with cats or beign close to them. It's kind of like a phobia but not that much. And I like to have my personal space, somewhere that I can pray, make sports or even studying. An animal at home would not be that bad but it can't be a cat. In my exchange year, first of all I want to make a lot of happy memories making good bonds, good friendships and improve myself as much as I can. Ceren

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Turkish (native), English (5 years), German (3 years)



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