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Dear American family, I am Kalpina hailed from a district, who is known for its diverse culture, traditions and religious values. My father is a school teacher and my mother is a housewife. We are two siblings and I am the younger. My brother who is elder than me is currently studying in university. I enjoy doing cleaning, cooking and drawing. In addition, I learnt cutting and pasting work from my mother. I enjoy making drawing and artwork. I have decorated the drawing hall at our home with my art. My art gallery and drawing catches the attention of guests and my friend when they visit our home. Being the only daughter of my parents, I have to deal with a lot of family responsibilities. I accept all happily and undoubtedly, it made me the responsible girl. I take part in cleaning dishes and cooking food. However making a cup of tea for my family is my core responsibility. Whenever we celebrate any festival at home, then my mother assign me task of preparing colorful “rangoli” and decorating the home with candles and filling it with different colors I give my best to give equal time to every aspect and dimensions of my life, whether these are my responsibilities or interests. I am interested in drawing, cooking, dancing, reading books and visiting new places of my city and district. Beside my interests have another big element, which I believe makes a great differences, having a deep desire to learn more. I have been one of few people in my family who is said out class at making interaction with new people and that's the reason why I love my friends. This ability and will to interact with new people has shaped my life and mind very much. And that's the best way of my learning, I learn from people, their lifestyles, choices. My friend list is not limited to my school friends, I have friends from all over my city and keep discussing about our successful and unsuccessful attempts. The city that I belong is a blessing indeed, it has taught me about social interactions, cultures, different languages and religious harmony. My city have taught me how people with different religions and opinions can still get together and celebrate one another's festivals. Becoming an “artist” is my prime goal. I have planned to graduate from the “fine art department”. I have participated in many arts competition on district level. I am well planner and diverser. I also used my time in becoming successful. I study regularly and at evening I share my time with my family. I have been through alot of diversity in my country, however I don't want to keep my learning and experience limited to a country. I truly believe that this exchange program will groom me the way I have always dreamed of. There I will meet different people of different religions, cultures, backgrounds, and history. Thus everyone will take a good part in sharing their past and future goals. This will add a lot into my mind which is fond of learning more and more. Kalpina

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Sooraj (19)

Sharing cultures and building communities with high school exchange.

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