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Dear American family, At this minute while I am writing this letter, I am very glad that I got this chance to introduce myself to you. With this letter I would like to tell you about myself and bring you closer to my life. I am Waleesha a 16 years old girl from “Pakistan”. The city in which I live is famous for its hospitable people, historic culture and traditions. I am a teenager who is taking her first step in life as an exchange student. Currently I am in grade 10th. I have six members in my family. We are four siblings, three sisters including me and a younger brother. My father runs his own business and my mother is an education officer while all my siblings are currently studying. I love spending time with my family. I usually go for outing or shopping on weekends with my family. My favourite subject is biology. I usually study five to six hours a day. My dream is to become a neurosurgeon. I am good at school and get good grades. I love playing sports and I am quite good at badminton. I play badminton twice a week. Besides my studies and extracurricular activities, I also have many responsibilities at home. I love cleaning the house with my mother. I have adopted this chore as a hobby because it gives me satisfaction. I enjoy spending time with my friends doing different activities. I have two best friends. We go to the library together and we love writing stories and doing different things together. I also like photography. I always capture every moment in my phone so that I can save it as a memory. In this way the memories can return even after several years. I love writing and reading fictional stories and reading different books. It takes me to a different world. I also like traveling. It allows you to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and break free from your daily routine. Where I live, we have a very interesting culture, traditions and customs. As an exchange student, I would love to exchange my culture, traditions and language with you. I would love to cook some delicious food of my country for you. I hope I will be able to meet you so that I can tell you about my beloved country, culture and traditions. Similarly I would love to know about your culture, traditions and language. I have heard a lot about American history and I want to know about it. I hope to learn a lot in the States and establish a good relationship with you as my family. Well that's me. I hope to have given you a clear impression of who I am. Best wishes, Waleesha

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Syeda Arfa (20) Syeda Warda (11) Syed Ayaan (6)

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