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Hello people from across the globe! My name is Laura and in this letter I would like to tell you a bit about me with the intention of becoming your future exchange student 😊 I am a girl from Germany who didn´t grow up with any siblings but amazing parents. Since my family is originally from Poland I have a polish as well as german background and was raised bilingual from an early age. English in fact is my third language that I began to study at the age of 4 in order to prepare for moving abroad with my family. My father, who works as an employee at an international medical company , was offered a job in Malaysia back then and decided to take advantage of this opportunity. This was a very interesting phase of my life and maybe by any chance you can relate to my situation because you have gone abroad as well. Anyway, we moved back to Germany in 2014 and I was immediately send to primary school. The first four years of my education were in english which I think has led to me now being obsessed with the language itself. I enjoy learing new languages such as spanish at school and a bit of french at home. Speaking multiple languages opens many doors for you and allows you to connect with people from all across the world what I think is amazing. You get the chance to learn about new cultures and can become part of it in a sort of way. This is actually the reason for me to go abroad. I would like to get introduced to your way of living and would love to share german traditions or opinions with you in return. Personally I would describe myself as an open minded person with a big range of different interests and hobbies. Reading, journaling, Yoga are things that I do on a daily basis for example.I like socializing with people and my friends are my top priority so I make sure to owe them enough time. Not to forget about music, which plays a huge role in my life and is more time consuming than one expects it to be. I have been playing piano for almost 7 years now and just a few months ago I started to play oboe. Well, at least I attempt to play oboe. If you play an instrument yourself you should know what I mean by saying that regular practice just doesn´t really happen. In addition to my instruments I have singing lessons at least twice a week plus two hours of choir every thursday. Singing with a group has been my thing for quite some time now and in case you have never had a choir experience I recommend to do so. I´m glad I was able to join a more professional choir last school year because it has made a major difference in developing more voice control. Another hobby of mine which is related to music is dancing. I´ve been dancing Ballet for about 8 years now but recently I got into contemporary dancing. Don´t worry in case you have never heard of it – it isn´t as popular as other types. There are many other sports that I have written down on my list of favorites though. As for example horseback riding or rockclimbing. I tend to spend a lot of time on my bike as well since I come from a cyclist- friendly city. During my winter holidays I go skiing with my family which is always a highlight of the year. By now I am not only a skiier anymore but also a passionate snowboarder thanks to all the lessons with a talented snowboard teacher. Good to know about me is the fact that I am part of a local scout group. Hiking, playing cards, camping and traveling around with friends are my favorite things to do. As scouts we obviously spend a lot of our time in the nature and have been raised to care for our planet and animals. This is why environmental protection is so important to me. As an animal lover I switched my diet to vegetarian but I am willing to pause the diet during my time in the US in case my host family doesn´t eat vegetarian. It would be very nice though if you could keep that in the back of your mind for later. I like cooking and baking anyways, so please don´t worry about me not being able to take care of my own meals. Just to list all of my additional free time occupations, here you go : I like writing poetry as well as debating politics. I have a special connection towards art and like drawing, knitting / crocheting, making my own jewelry and visiting art museums. Traveling to other places (as mentioned before) and sightseeing don´t bore me the slightest. I´d be glad if we shared any of the interests above. Please remember that I am open to any new experiences and that I can´t wait to join you and your hobbies. Thank you for taking your time and reading my personal letter. If you believe I could be a matching exchange student for you and your family it would make me feel honered. I am looking forward to hearing from you. Yours sincerely, Laura

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