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's Letter

Dear host family, I want to thank you in advance for letting me come and live with you. I'm sure we'll have the best time together. Going on an adventure together that I am sure we will think about and talk about for many years to come. And I’m so very grateful that I get to experience to be an exchange student in the United Sates of America! To travel on my own to such a great country was always a big dream. About me: I am Fiene and I’m from Holland. I would describe myself as a responsible, funny, creative and social person. I am good at talking to people and I’m interested in getting to know new people and learning about the differences in our culture. I have been playing hockey since I was 6 years old which I still enjoy immensely. I would like to continue playing hockey in America, but I also understand that if this is not possible, I will participate in other things! I'm also really an animal person. I have three pets of my own. Two cats and 1 very large dog, a Bernese Mountaindog which I love dearly. In the Netherlands I live with my twin sister, my father and my mother. My father has his own company and I am proud of how he was able to set up a business. My mom is a flight attendant and I'm always curious to hear the stories she has when she's been to a certain country! I also have two other sisters. Marlijn, she is 31 years old and Lisanne, she is 29 years old. They both live in Eindhoven and when I see them, we always have a good time with each other! My family and I usually spend the holidays with each other and other family members. At Christmas we go to my grandpa and grandma, and at Easter too! It's always fun. I have a best friend, and I have known her for four years. I also have many other friends that I always have a lot of fun with. School is also a very important part of my life. English, social studies and Dutch are my favourite subjects. My ultimate goal is to speak the American language fluently. My future plans are not exactly certain but I do have an idea. Maybe I will join this course: called Catering Industry (in Dutch this is called Horeca Management). This course will be 4 years learning different aspects, how to communicate with customers, how to cook and in the end how to become a great and friendly manager! A course that I also like is: event manager. This course is all about organisation. Think about the location, marketing and catering. But I still have a lot to learn of course. I'm looking forward to meeting you, make trips together, learn all about your family and your way of life. Hope to talk to you soon! Kind regards, Fiene

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Dutch (native), English (7 years), Spanish (2 years)



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Guusje (16)

Sharing cultures and building communities with high school exchange.

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