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Dear American Family, Hey! Firstly, thank you very much for making time to read my letter, really appreciate your efforts. I'm Hadiya. I'm in 10th grade, I'm a biology major and hope to pursue medicine in future. I consider myself an extremely extroverted, social and talkative person. A girl with glasses making friends here and there is what I usually appear to be like. I have a total of 5 members in my family: Father, Mother, two brothers and (last but not the least) Me! My father is a policeman, posted in another city, so he's rarely home and mostly away. My mother is the head at a government girls' school in our village. She's my Iron-lady, with our Father mostly away, she pretty much handles the home all by herself. I've always looked up to her as my role model. My elder brother is 18, him and I share a very exciting bond. We're constantly testing eachother's nerves. He's a fighter and so am I. He appears to have an immense liking for the military and is preparing for the commission this year. My younger brother, 13, calmest of us all is one of my favourites. Him and I make up a good team. But much to my dismay, he recently went to a boarding school. All in all we make up a balanced and a happy-to-go family. Plants and gardens have remained the favourite family thing for years. We've got a huge plantation area at our house. Mangoes, Guavas, Pomegranates, Spodilla, lemons, tomatioes etc are the common plants found at our place. With our grandparents telling the stories from their past, family gatherings are always a sight to behold. Apart from the fun and happy times, we at the same time are subject to strict boundaries and responsibilities by our mother. I, for instance, have to clean my room myself, I also have to tutor my younger brother and cousins. My brothers and I are subject to strict curfews and sleep schedules as well. I belong to a small village of a somewhat small city in the south of Pakistan. Being a village girl, I'm familiar with healthy and pure diets (including pure milk, desi ghee and a no. of desi products), animals such as cows, buffaloes, goats and dogs. (We've got a pet dog too! His name is Ghostie, he's one of a kind). The city itself is quite small with simple people leading simple lives. We've got 3 to 4 prominent schools, banks and some other basic institutions. There are no shopping malls, so for shopping, people tend to travel to the nearest big city. (Given the lack of availability of the latest fashion trends in our simple markets). Anyways, I love my city just as it is. Coming from a small village, it would be a dream-come-true for me if I made it big in terms of my career and future. I want to study medicine, I hope to one day become the leading neurosurgeon of my country. I want to become an exemplary personality for the village girls and install in them a sense of confidence and faith in their potential. Furthermore, I want to do this for the people of my village and city. Due to the lack of hospitals and thus lack of proper medical necessities provided on time, lots of people lose their race against time. I dream to one day become as successful as to build a proper hospital in my village. Apart from medicine, I've observed merit in my teaching skills, apparently I'ld not make a bad teacher. My major interests include reading and singing. Out of all the things in the world, reading is probably the one that I enjoy the most. It's almost been 3 years since I've been reading fiction in both english and urdu languages regularly. It's helped me improve my communication skills and built me a broader perspective of the World and its people. In my free time, it's more than likely for me to be caught with a new release of Colleen Hoover or Nimra Ahmed. My friends and family believe that I make a good singer too, guess you'ld have to test that theory yourself! Music and singing are fun, relaxing and creative. I enjoy singing alot. Me and my friends are a bunch of extroverted, loud, bubbly-natured, happy-to-go people. We share mutual interest in music, books, fashion and other aspects of life. We prefer to dress somewhat modestly but a little touch of west here and there never hurts. Our classical get-togethers consist lots of musical nights, heart-to-hearts, laughters, truth-or-dares, Ludo games. And even though we don't physically participate in cricket that much, it's our favourite sport and the subject of most of our bets. Here in Pakistan, cricket is the talk of the town all the time. Cricket to Pakistan is what football is to Brazil or Argentina. So our obsession over the sport is very much justified. My friends have stuck with me through thick and thin. Honestly, they make me 'whole'. Dear potential Mom and Dad! I do realize that I'm not a typical South-Asian girl you might have been expecting, one who knows cooking and stitching (even though I know how to apply hinna), but I can assure you much more than that. I consider myself as a dynamic and change-seeking person. I can't get settled to a particular type of activity for a long-run. I like 'change'. I enjoy knowing about different things, trying different things. I like to have little to some knowledge about 'everything' - I'm fairly active on social media and like to keep myself aware of what's going on in the World, specifically in Pakistan. I'm a very social person, making friends is the most exciting aspect of my life, I've a vast circle of friends ranging from the most introverted ones to the ones who can't seem to stop talking. And so, if I get this once-in-a lifetime opportunity to live in the US, I see a drastic grooming and improvement in my personality. To get the first-hand experience of the things and places, I've only seen on TV or have read about in novels, would be life-changing. Furthermore, it's been a dream of mine to experience the American style teenage life and I really want to test my theories regarding American culture too. And I would love to represent my country and be of a little help to clarify the misunderstandings created by the media. Being a medical aspirant, I would love to gain exposure to the advanced American hospitals and medical communities. I'ld love to know about the American food too. The fashion, the markets, the faiths, the people, 'everything'. I would not shy-away from any experience that can help mould me into a better, versatile and groomed version of myself. Coming from an extremely well-cultured South-Asian Pakistani family background and having somewhat reliable know-how of the western style of living (thanks to netflix, novels and wattpad) I believe, i make up a potential candidate for sharing a better and in-depth understanding of my beloved culture and religion. Thank you so so much for reading through. I can't describe how excited I'm to meet you people. P.S: My favorite mithayi (sweets) are gulab-jamun and barfi, I'm bringing them along for you guys. Regards, Hadiya

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