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Dear future Host family, My name is Florencia, and in this letter I am going to describe myself and talk about a few passions of mine. Personally I would describe myself as someone who is very passionate about different things, like music, reading and animals(except birds) but the thing I am most passionate about is music. I really enjoy music and the history behind it as well as the story behind each lyric, song, album and the artist or band who wrote it. Even though music is a major passion of mine I still enjoy reading a lot, my favorite genre is romance, mystery and crime. I have always been a big fan of reading and I really like it since I learned new things and it makes me feel very relaxed, as well as it distracts me from my school life. At last another passion I have is animals. Since I was very young I enjoyed the company of animals and how they are always there for us no matter the situation we are going through. The reason why I do not like birds is because since I was very young I have had a major phobia of birds and I really do not like them, but they are the only animals that I personally don't like. When people meet me for the first time I tend to be shy but once I get to know the person I tend to be more talkative and a little outgoing. People would describe me as someone who is very kind, funny and open minded , as well as someone who is very passionate, since I can talk for hours about something that I really like. I am very open minded because I am buddhist, since my religion makes me accept other people no matter where they come from or no matter their beliefs. Being an exchange student has always been my dream since I was really young, because I wanted to feel what it was like visiting and learning about a new culture and country while studying, as well as meeting new people and making new friends. I am very excited to be participating and taking a new set into my life that would completely make me grow as a person and I am really happy, excited and prepared for this new and unique experience. I hope this letter would help you determine if I am a good match to your family and I hoped you enjoyed it. Sincerely Florencia

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Lukas (26) Sofia (20)

Sharing cultures and building communities with high school exchange.

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