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Dear American Family, Hello! I hope this letter reaches you in the best of health. Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. My name is Azca, I am 15 years old and currently in the 10th grade. I have two elder brothers and of course my mom and my dad, as well as a pet cat who I honestly consider to be family. One of my brothers currently resides in another city due to university, however when he is here with us we enjoy going to frequent outings and picnics to enjoy the weather, unless the weather is hot in which case we just decide to stay at home. At home, the biggest task I am assigned with is to take care of our cat, because I was the one who begged my father for one and nobody else is very good at taking care of it, I find it very fun. I am also usually assigned with cleaning numerous areas and sometimes doing the dishes. As for my interests, I am a huge fan of anime, art and sports including skateboarding and volleyball. Abat art, although I may not be very good at it, I really enjoy learning new things and in art there is always something new for me to try out and always a new challenge to conquer which I am always up for. I also really enjoy watching figure skating since I am unable to try it out myself due to it being unavailable in my country. Being a fairly social person, I have developed quite the large friend circle whether that be at school, in my neighborhood or online. I enjoy watching movies, especially horror movies with my friends and also playing dodgeball and volleyball. Watching horror movies is very entertaining for all of us since it's all very chaotic as everyone tries to scare one another and it almost always ends up in all of us getting scared. It's also pretty funny when someone screams. I enjoy dodgeball and playing it with my friends makes it all the more amusing due to how chaotic it is which is the main factor in making it enjoyable due to how funny it gets. About my city, depending on the area there is a lot of diversity. There are a lot of historical and ancient buildings here which I fancy visiting with my family and although I have lived here for my whole life, I still haven't visited many. One thing I love about my city is definitely the food and it is the first thing I would recommend to anyone visiting the city. Currently, upon the completion of school, I intend to go in the field of psychology as it is something that I find exceptionally fascinating. The reason I find it interesting is due to the fact that all humans think differently and it helps people understand others and even themselves better, which is the reason why I enjoy researching about it. Some important things to know about me are that I tend to be a very clumsy person and I may also not understand things the first time however I am always striving to improve. Another fun fact about me is that I put the milk before the cereal which I believe is the only probable way and everybody should do the same and put an end to this 'debate'. From my exchange experience, I am hoping to make a lot of memories, met new people and also try out new things which are not available where I live. I also hope to make lots of new friends and explore new horizons. I also wish to develop my self-esteem and confidence better and hope that the experience will provide me with better skills and abilities to prosper. Being a person who likes cheering people up and entertaining others, hope that this experience will provide me with opportunities to help and understand people better overall. Finally, I have arrived at the end of this letter, I hope you liked it and enjoyed reading it. Thank you for taking at the time to read my letter and I hope we will be able to create a strong and great bond in the future. Best wishes, Azka

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Sharing cultures and building communities with high school exchange.

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