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Dear American Family, I hope this letter finds you in your best terms and health. Thank you for taking your time to read this letter. My name is Fatima and I am 15 years old. I have an amazing family, two wonderful brothers and loving parents. My father is my hero, he is an engineer. My mother is a superwoman and is a housewife. My younger brother is in 7th grade, and is an excellent child but as all youth really naughty. My older brother is an obedient child of my parents and my sheild. Me and my family go out on picnics and lunches, dinners etc on weekends as my brother loves it a lot. I have the responsibilities of setting up dinner table, washing dishes after dinner, cleaning my room and on weekends running a few errands. I have a group of wonderful friends, they are literally the best kind of people. In school, we have fun at lunch breaks but study attentively at classes. At weekends, we got out to picnics, and amusement parks. I am really thankful for such friends and family. I live in the capital city of my country it is an urban area. It is a magnificent city, one of the most modern and well developed with an amazing infrastructure and a lot of tourist points. I love to dance, dancing takes my mind off things and stress and gives me a reason to enjoy. It refreshes my mind and body and brings peace to me. I also sketch and paint. I have a sketch book that has all my sketches in it and my painting are displayed in my room. I read novels in, my free time, the novels make me see different people's world and perspectives. After I complete High School, I would love to study business in University. When I major in business, I would start my own business and work really hard on it to reach my goal. This Exchange program is a huge opportunity for me to make my way through life. I have always been a person to welcome and face the changes and challenges. I also love to make new friends and relations with people and explore new places. I want my host family to know that I am trying my best to be a part of this exchange program and I look forward to spend a year with my host family that will be full of memories, hopefully. This program can enable me to come out of my comfort zone and teach me how to fight for myself. It will give me a chance to look at the world from different perspective, and see how people around the world are so similar yet so different. I hope this program can help me burn so I can shine bright and I also hope that I am given a chance to prove myself. I look forward to meeting my host family and spending a memorable year with them. Fatima

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Muhammad Ayan (12) Muhammad Farhan (19)

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