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Dear American family, I hope you will be doing great. I am truly excited to tell you about myself. I am Sania. My parents got divorced when I was just born. Ever since, it has been my mother and us six siblings. I am the youngest and the most enthusiastic one. My mother worked different jobs and got us educated from good institutions. We are very open with each other and enjoy spending time together on weekends. We enjoy doing any activity together even if it is cleaning the house. Well, I have different responsibilities at home. I am responsible for different household chores such as dishes, dusting, cleaning my room and sometimes laundry. And as I can ride a bike, I go out for buying things of daily use such as vegetables, bakery stuff, etc. My brother taught me to ride a bike as I have a very adventurous spirit. I like trying new things and exploring. Every weekend I take out my bicycle in the evening and go for exploring the outer world. I love traveling too. It makes me learn new things on every trip I take. I have tried many new things. I go out for skateboarding, videography, trying street foods. All these are to keep myself lively and spend a meaningful life. We have traveled to different cities. The city I am currently living in, is a blessing. Indeed, there is much pollution but there are many beautiful places to be considered too. I have always made many friends and the friends I have now are the best part of my life. We hang out at each other's homes or malls. We go for shopping together and play arcade games. All of us are pretty fond of music, so we even play music with a few instruments we have. I have many hobbies. Arts is one of the prominent one. Arts have always been a part of me. Besides art, I also do creative writing. I have written many stories, poems and also journal. While other activities I do includes skateboarding, biking, music, dancing, etc. I have an extroverted nature. I like participating in all sorts of competitions. I have also been part of student council. I have helped many students through their problems and as a result they have shown me great love and respect. I have participated in arts, creative writing and declamation contests. I have very high aims which I have always prioritized. I want to be acknowledged by the world as "a person who brought a change to this world." This world lacks humanity which I want to bring back. I want my country to be known as a peaceful and loving country. I do have career plans. I have always wished to become a neurologist and help as many people I can. I want you to know that no matter how much losses I have to see, I shall still stay persistent and keep working to change this world. There are many things I expect from my exchange experience. I expect my qualities and hobbies to be polished and to see an improvement in them. I would want to do my best to represent my country. I expect to have a good experience as an exchange student and learn new things that can help me in my future plans. It is a different, environment, different people and different things. I can introduce my culture to the US world as an exchange student. At the end, I'd hope for you to think of me as a good and enthusiastic personality. Take care. Goodbye!

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Roohe (18) Anabia (20) Muhammad (26) Khola (28) Ahmed (30)

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