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Hello host family! I'm Ysaline ! I'm really excited to discover the American culture!! I really want to improve my English and discover the people, the landscape, and the food... in the United States ! My family and my friends describe me as someone who is calm, thoughtful, patient, and they say that my motto is "peace and love" because I always say that ! When some of my friends have a fight, I don't like it and it stresses me out so I always say that. That makes them laugh and they stop fighting. That's my biggest remedy ;) Sometimes, I'm tidy and perfectionist because I like when everything is perfect (but sometimes it's a little bit a default) I have different hobbies : -I like to take care of my little brothers. I have two brothers Timothé and Paul. Paul is a little young and that's very cool because my relationship with my two brothers are very different. -I’m very close to my mother, she knows all about me and I tell her everything. I’m also very close to my dad, he always helps me and believes in me. -I also practice dance in a club, and that's very important to me because I spend 7 and ahalf hours per week, and I have a lot of friends there. I do jazz, contemporary and classical dances. -Sometimes I also like to cook, I cook a lot of pastries because my family loves this a lot, I also really like to discover new food culture. That's very interesting. -I also participated in an association called "les ados du coeur", it's an association in my school where professors and students create a show. We sing songs, dance and sketch, and at the end of the year, we perform on stage. All the profits are given to an association called "les restos du coeur". It’s a very big charity association in France, they help people who need necessities... This is very important for me. -I love reading. It's one of my favorite hobbies, I read a lot of romantic books, dystopic books but I also read fantasy books. My favorite series is "Harry Potter" and my favorite book is "We were liars". -Even if I prefer reading I like watching series on Netflix, but I can't choose a favorite one… -I really enjoy travelling, discovering new cultures, new landscapes, new languages and meet new people. It's so cool ! -I help a lot in my house, I can do the housework and taking care of my pet. -An exchange year in the United States is my biggest dream. The things that I love the most in this program are : the fact that I will live in another country with a culture totally different of mine, I also want to improve my English, even if the American high school is not like in the movie I really want to discover the difference between the American school system and the French school system. I hope to meet you early ! Thank you. Ysaline

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French (native), English (4 years), Spanish (3 years)



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Timtohé (13) Paul (3)

Sharing cultures and building communities with high school exchange.

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