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Dear host family, thank you so much for taking part in the exchange program and considering letting me join your family! My name is Silas. We are a family of five, living in West Germany. I have two siblings, an older sister, and an older brother. My mother is a teacher at a primary school, and my dad is working for an international company. Due to this, we lived from 2014/15, already one year in Dublin, Ireland, where I completed my first year in school. I am crazy about sports, watching and practising. Therefore, I like to watch every kind of sports at the TV or in the stadium. Since more than 10 years I am playing soccer in our local soccer club, also playing six years in a higher league. Therefore, I played four years ago against a club called Fortuna Duesseldorf which is part of the German soccer league. In school we also play very often soccer. Not only during the breaks but also during tournaments. Beside practicing soccer, I also love to watch it on the television. I am a soccer fan of Borussia Dortmund, which is part of the German soccer league. Further I am interested in everything related to technique especially for cars and planes. During my next year I will do a two-week internship at Duesseldorf Airport. We usually spend our holidays and weekends as a family. During our vacations we love to discover other countries, mainly in Europe but we had also great summer holidays in New York and Florida during summer 2018. On Sunday we go to our Church (Baptist/ Evangelical Church), and during the week, I have at least at one day fun with our youth group. I love to discover other countries. Therefore, I know how important it is to speak English fluently. My dream is to become a pilot, but for this I need to improve my language skills. From my stay in Dublin, I know that learning English is easier living in a country than just learning it a few ours at school. I’m curious to discover a Highschool in the US, because I know they have a high focus on sports. I hope that my profile suits your family I look forward to meeting you. With best wishes Silas

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