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's Letter

Dear American Family, Hello, hi and the warmest greetings! My name is Denia, there`s a friend of mine who calls me Deni and I love that call, so it would be nice if you guys would call me that. I would like to introduce myself to you guys, my future host family :D I am the youngest child in my family and before I went to my High school which is out of town, I live with my parents and my older brother, but now he is out of town as well continuing his study. So that leaves me and my parents in our house. My dad is a lecturer, while my mom just got her job as a High school teacher this year. So they are bussier now than before I got to my boarding school. I have a close relationship with them, but I feel the closest of us is when after I graduated Junior school. In those days, we usually spend our quality time late at night, because they are busy in the day, like playing chess and poker cards, we sometimes even do funny bets, which always ended up with the three of us laughing. In other nights tho, we would just watch movies together or my dad would cook some noodles for us to eat. In the day, when both of them got to work which leaves me alone with nothing but chores, I spend the morning sweeping and cleaning while singing along loudly to songs and as a reward for myself, sometimes I would cook an instant noodle before they went home and until now, they still don`t know about this little secret haha. I usually spend my time drawing or writing, basically in activities where I`m able to transfer what`s in my mind and my feelings into paper, but mostly in the form of drawing. I don`t have a particular drawing style, sometimes it could be similar to what a kindergardener would draw and sometimes it would be as complicated for me to spend a few days in finishing it. An activity that I never try before but I would love to do is Croquis, basically is where a group of people would take turns drawing each other with different poses. I want to do that here with my friends, but unfortunately, most of them don`t do drawings. So maybe, just maybe, maybe we can do some Croquis there, agree? The interest we share tho, is English. We often sings English songs together, having English conversations and discussing English tasks together. Which trains my pronounciations and talking ability. So I`m thankful I have friends who would help me develop in my abilities. I won an English Debate Competition. That experience taught me so much about speaking in front of many people, and about saying our argument in a way that would convice other people. All of that is very helpful in achieving my dream of being a Diplomat. I really like the idea of travelling country to country as a representative of my country, and being in a room with all other representatives of other countries while discussing a diplomatic issue sounds so cool to me. Like imagine, a person that represent a country, all talking and saying their argument and opinion about a regional or even a worldwide issue! I`m a person full of curiosity. And I want to use the most of my teenage years collecting experiences and memories. I want to use this exchange program for that, for the experience of meeting new people with different cultures and habits, for the experience for living in a new country and for an experience of how would I adapt in a place so far away from places I familiar, even further than travelling from my hometown to my Boarding school. I`m curious of how would I overcome those challenges. And all of the experiences that I`m gonna get if I pass, that would be a very excellent start in the realization of my dream! I want to see myself being a Diplomat and I`m sure you guys want to see that too. So would you guys help me, by making me chosen in this year`s student exchange program? If yes, that would mean the world to me! Lastly, Thank you so much for reading this and sorry for any mistakes in this letter, whether if it`s a grammar or spelling ones. I hope you see how wholeheartedly I want to participate in this program, and if I do make it, I hope we can make some awesome memories together, I especially really looking forward to our Croquis activity tho haha. Finally, Have a great day! Deni

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Dede (21)

Sharing cultures and building communities with high school exchange.

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