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's Letter

Dear American Family, Please let me introduce myself, my name is Luna. It's a very nice opportunity that I'm able to write you a letter through this and say my hello! As someone who is still in high school, I live with both of my parents and siblings. I have an older brother and a cute little sister. We also have 4 cats at home. on weekends, we like to go somewhere to spend our time, most frequent ones being the beach because we have a lot of beaches here. During those times, we would also ask for my grandparents to join our weekend's trip because like they always said, the more the merrier. At our house, I'm responsible to clean my own rooms. All the siblings have that one same responsibility. I also wash the dishes after every eating time, not too often since my siblings sometimes also do it too. Sometimes, I help my mom to cook the foods. I'm also responsible to feed the pets, which is the 4 cats. Reading is a pretty common hobby, but that's what I like to do. I spend my time around 5 hours per week to read. I'd usually listen to music while I'm reading, matching the music vibes with ones I'm reading. Other than those two, I sometimes play an online video games where I meet my friends from all over the world. Even though we're apart from each other, they have been a really good company and has given me a lot of support too. I've met a lot of peers there despite only starting this January 2022. Another thing that I really like is to do debate. I've been doing it from 2021 and still do until now, with my friends from the english club. We had some competitions and in a recent one, we made it into semifinal! I took a piano lesson in 2021, but unfortunately I had to stop. I still really love to do it though, but not having a piano at home makes it a little difficult to keep up with. So this far, I only know the basic of the instrument. I love my friends, I love their company and their unconditional support. We like to hang out together during our free time, usually we go to each other houses or anywhere we can go somewhere to together. My friends from junior high school are still very close to me and we love to eat together so much. And then there's this one friend I have since elementary, we are still as close as ever. We like to plan our hang outs, go to the cinema together, and many else! We have a bucket list of thing-to-do and apparently there are still many to go, but I would love to go to each of them with her. We have a lot of beaches in my city that I visit frequently. People also called my city "a city with a thousand mosque" because of the numerous mosque we have here. Despite being a city center, my city have a good balance of modern and traditional foods, we can easily find them around the corners. I have some plans that I wanna do in the future. On short terms, I really want to do some volunteerings especially with the ones related to the environment. I haven't been able to do much since I can't seem to get my hands on volunteering information in my city, so I'm hoping I can do some in U.S. On long term issue, I haven't decided on what path to take yet, but I have interest in studying International Relations and medical field related studies, specifically dermatologist. I have a dream of doing my college outside of my country, it became my main goal to achieve that. And I think just being able to join this program brought me one step closer to that dream, and I hope to achieve more in the future. I am aiming to learn new knowledge in U.S and being a curious person, I want to know how the different things works there. I'm also very interested in the culture, I want to join in the euphoria of it. Doing it in person always feels different than seeing it on the screen. While on that, I also want to share my culture with the communities around me later, and also to my dear future family. And lastly, I want to say thank you so much for accepting me into the family, I can't wait to meet you and say this in person. Thank you so much for the future family for giving us the opportunity to be apart of the family. Luna

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Indonesian (native), English (7 years), Japanese (1 year)



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Bintang Satria (18) Dara (12)

Sharing cultures and building communities with high school exchange.

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