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Dear American Family, One day in August, at 1 am specifically, a little girl was born. From the very first time the new born breathed air, and recognized the taste of this world, her mother decided to name that baby after her skin and blister Malika , who was dead in a tragic accident not long ago, she looked at her beautiful brown eyes and told herself:«The spirit of my sister lives in her>>. She knew that I would be a unique person! This was the beginning of my story: the beginning of a life filled with happiness and and sorrow, good and bad, ups and downs, peaks and valleys. I am currently fifteen years old, I'm living my teenage life in Morocco, with my beautiful family: my parents, my sister Salma (19) and my brother Saad (9). I wouldn't say that we're the happiest family on earth nor the most joyful ever, but it is the perfect family for me, and I don't ask for more. We share an animated and healthy life, in which, we do almost everything together: We eat, cook, talk, laugh, watch TV, play board games and travel together, but going to the cinema remains our favourite activity! Our house is the place where most of the best family memories are made, where I was well-educated and I knew my responsibilities. As a Moroccan person, cleanliness of the house is a duty, that's why I always keep my bedroom clean: I tidy my bed every morning, organize my wardrobe and my desk, I also help my mother at setting the table, and sometimes at cooking, which I quite love because I like trying new recipes, I just admire the fact that with simple ingredients, one can cook very delicious meals and appetizing ones, it's like magic! For this reason, preparing Moroccan dishes at weekends would be a satisfying opportunity for you to discover Moroccan food. Similarly, I'm into sports and I've practiced many throughout the years, I played Gymnastics, Swimming, Taekwondo, Handball, and currently Basketball. I'm interested in playing mind games too, for example: sudoku and checkers and I'm pretty good at them. Other than being a teenager and a daughter, I'm a student, every day I wake up early in the morning in order to go to school: my second home, where I meet my friends: my second family, they are one of the reasons why I love going to school because they give me peace and comfort, they never fail at putting a smile on my face, they make me laugh and they make me feel warm and happy .I enjoy spending time with my friends, we chat a lot on social media, have video calls, watch movies and football games together, meet up in fast-food restaurants, study and do school projects together, and the best part is playing basketball with them. Concerning my hometown, it was built by the ancient king of Morocco Moulay Ismail. It is one of the biggest and historical cities in the country and it is known for its humble people, delicious dishes, and of course the agriculture, as it has one of the best qualities of olive and fertile soil. Besides that, it is the city where I was born and raised these whole years, it is the first place I saw in my life, and the last one I want to see. If I were to describe myself in one word, it would be ambitious, I'm a determined person who works hard to achieve her dreams, I don't have a clear image of my future: this is just my first year in high school, but I want to be a computer science engineer. Moreover, I'd like you to know that I am organised, respectful, reliable and a trustworthy person. I am a cheerful human being and I tend to respect the rules of each house. I adapt quickly and easily to any environment, due to my extroversion and my happy calm soul. Therefore, living with me is really easy because I am not a demanding person. As I mentioned previously, I have a little brother, so interacting and spending some quality time with him is one of the best parts of my day, I used to babysit him as a kid and now I look after him. I just love children and admire their company; I believe that they are an undoubted source of joy. If I get accepted in this exchange program, I will achieve several goals. Living in the U.S will help me open up to a new cultural mixture and immerge in a world of race, religion and mindset diversity, open up to a country of boundless possibilities. It would benefit me, because I will get to know other peoples' culture and it will give me a chance to let the world know more about the Moroccan incredible culture. Furthermore, my country Morocco is facing an economic and social worldwide extension, so by mastering the English language after spending a whole year in the United States of America, I will definitely contribute in helping my country extend and develop more and more. Last but not least, thank you very much for taking your time to get to know me, I hope we can develop a good relationship working and living together as a family. I would be very honoured to experience an eventful year with you, I am looking forward to meeting you. Malika

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Salma (20) Saad (10)

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