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Dear Host Family Hello! My name is Ryu. I'm looking forward to meeting you in America. First of all, I’d like to introduce myself. I’m 15 years old and in the 9th grade. My birthday is September, so I will be 16 years old soon after meeting you. I like playing outside. I like to play outside, and I also like to play inside the house. In the summer, I often go out with friends, but in the winter, I travel with my family and go skiing. I want to play with you. When I play at home, I play games with friends or watch movies and Amines. On my days off, I often go out with friends. Other activities include trying new dishes and going for walks. So far, I have practiced pasta, but now I want to treat myself to Japanese food. My father is a very good cook, so he teaches me when he is free. I like camping, so I go with friends and family on long holidays. I would like to go camping and amusement parks with you. American roller coasters are bigger and more powerful than those in Japan, so I would like to ride them. I am also interested in how different Disneyland in the U.S. is from Japan. After school, we have club activities. I am a member of the badminton club, so I start practicing with my friends after school. We believe that by pointing out each other's shortcomings in practice, we can make things better. In addition to club activities, I also play the violin and do karate. In the U.S., I would like to play badminton and violin. I would like to try kickboxing instead of karate. I would like to try kickboxing instead of karate. I would like to participate in these as well as other local club activities. I would like to challenge myself in the U.S. in many different things. Let me introduce you to my family. First, my mother smiles well, and sometimes strict and kind, and like to talk. She loves to talk and can be very long-winded. However, her stories are very interesting, and I never get tired of hearing them. Second, my father is very smart and kind. He likes the same things I do, and we like the same foods. So, we often go out to eat together. Finally, my little brother is very cute. He is a very good artist and I like his drawings very much. Thank you for reading this letter to the end and accepting foreign students. I’d like to spend a year with lots of fun and memories with my host family. I’m really looking forward to meeting you in America. Ryu

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