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Hello My name is Maja. I live with my mom, dad, 20 year old sister, 18 year old brother and dog as a Swedish/German family in Germany. I am fluent in Swedish, German and English. I love listening to music and create it myself. I play the bass guitar and the regular guitar. I also like to sing and act. I love spending my free time with my family and friends. I like arts, museums, movies and I love trying new baking recipes. My favorite subjects are English, arts, and music. I learnt playing the bass guitar two years ago and I really enjoy playing it since. Eventually I'd love to play in a band one day. I love music and I can't live a day without it. It gives me freedom and when I'm stressed it helps me to relax. I travel to stockholm almost every year to visit my family who lives there. There I spend most of the time with my 14 year old cousin Ellen. We love spending time with each other and always come up with different activities. Here in Germany, I'm working voluntarily in a church youth group with my sister. I've been working there for one and a half year. I really enjoy working there with all of the friends I made in the past years. In this group we've done all kinds of activities such as movie nights and our so called "spezitreff". The name comes from a German drink (spezi) which is a mix of Fanta and coke. Everyone in our surroundings loves this drink. Of course there you can drink this beverage in our youth cellar. I also work af a complementary school for Swedish children. I teach a preschool class every two weeks on Saturdays. The children learn there how to spell, write and talk in Swedish. I enjoy spending time with younger children and have experience as a babysitter aswell. During my high school year I want to improve my English and learn more about the American culture. Thank you very much for considering having me as your exchange student. I'm looking forward to hearing from you Maja

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Cornelia (20) Felix (18)

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