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Dear American Family, My name is Tahseen and I am a student of 10th grade, my father is a doctor and my mother is a housewife.I have four sisters, they study in different classes in a school. My family and I spend good time together we share jokes, exchange knowledge and skills with one another. Further, we talk about different family issues when we sit together.We go on shoping together and after completing shoping, we have dinner together at any hotel. We visit different places for entertainment on holidays. I always obey my parents, whatever they say I unconditionally obey it, and I love them so much. I do different chores at my home like; I go to the market to buy grocery, vegetables, fruits or other needy things. Further, I clean my room by myself and make my cupboards, clothes, bed and other things proper. I also cook some food disheswith my mother. When my mom is sick I do all the works by myself. My interest is in variety of things such as I like to travel different cities and countries to explore the world. This contains enjoyment and knowing about cultures and traditions of different societies. I like to play sports that's why I play sports like hockey, cricket, volleyball and badminton. It is my wish to try games that are being played in United States of America like rugby, ice skating and baseball. My interest in study is to become a good person and serve the humanity. Addition to it is that I want to explore the culture and tradition of America. While interacting all new horizons will be welcoming me. Oratory is my additional hobby. I had also participated in many speech competitions during my school years. I have a lot of good in helping friends. They are one of the best persons I have ever met in my life. We all had sat together and had made some funny and memorable moments.We do outing and enjoy eating food together. We all help each other in difficult moments. We also play games together. In extracurricular activities my friends and I are on the front line. My city is in the centre of Sindh Province, Pakistan. Where in summer the temperature goes unto 45°C and in winter the temperature goes down to 14°C. My city is historical city filled with, high literacy rate, businessman, farmers, which contributes a lot in the agriculture of the country. My plan about my future life is to pursue higher studies in which I will opt to do M.A in English. Addition to it, I may add other field of study by doing M.A in International relations (IR). Furthermore, to pursue my professional dreams I will prepare and appear is C.S.S (Central Superior Service). I want to tell my host family that I am from small city, I haven't got any chance to explore things around the world. I would love to explore things, converse and communicate with my host community. For this, I am very much excited to represent my country. Apart from this, I would like to try to improve my communication skills. Finally, I would love to gain a whole new experience from the Kennedy lugar youth exchange and study program. I will try my level best to implant the good things of my exchange program in my home country and will teach the coming youth of Pakistan. Thanks, Tahseen

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Jawerla (13) Alman (11) Dureshahuar (9) Hadia (5)

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