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Dear American family, My name is Karim.I am a secondary level student in grade one. i have nice familey consists of my parents, two sisters and a little brother. We have some interests in common. We like chatting with each other in diffrent topics and issues. One of the things I like in my familey is that they are understanding and coperative. We also enjoy watching TV series, movies and soccer matches. At weekends we sometimes go outdoors, do shopping or visit new places. For me home means a lot so I like to be helpful to my family. I feel joyful when they ask me to do something such as, buying grociers, fixing some little things which may go wrong. Also. I usually collect my little brother from the nursery. I have various interests which please me a lot. I'm fond of electronics fields as whole. I always cope with all new versions of cell phones and laptops.I like cars and find it interesting to read their reviews, especially what is related to old cars. Sports it's a part and parcel of my daily life. I behave it's good way to keep me healthy and fit. I have a lot of friends with whoom I spend most of my free time on playing games, soccer, going to cinemas and sharing meals. I live in a new city where there is a variety of modern means of entertainment and lots of facilities. The place where I live is peacful, safe and privacy is one of it's merits. My dearest hope for the futre is to join the faculty of engineering. I wish I could be a mechanical engineer and have a jop in a factory for cars. I am always feel glad if i am asked to do something wich can benefit others. i enjoy being participant in any task or activity with my familey. I have to take proper decisions and confidence. And the ability that helps me to be an active part in the community I live in. I am easily adabtable to living and coping with diffrent circumstances. I need to gain some new experiences through mixing with a new style of life and customs. I am eager to know my self more and much better. I look forward to develping my personal skills and improving my english language. To my pleasure I'fell thut i am going to be aware of new and modern approaches of practical and educational life. Thank's for the host familey for reading and for hosting me. All thanks and appreciation. Karim

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Salma (20) Jana (12) Selim (4)

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