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Dear American Family, Thank you for taking the time to read my letter. My name is Wassy. I live with my mother. My father lives seperately from us but I maintan good communication with him. I have an elder sister who is currently attending university abroad. My mom is a social developent worker and my dad is a Teacher. My mom and I like to watch TV together in our free time. We both love movies of Tom Cruise. On some weekends, my mom and I go out to eat and go shopping. We go to the movies occasionally. My sister visits us twice a year. When she does, we pay our relatives a visit and travel to different tourist locations. Sometimes I stay at my dad's place for a couple of days. When I am at his place, I take morning walks and go for boat rides with him. The city where I live is very lively. It's filled with lovely people and places. There are different shops everywhere and all sorts of trades and communications go on throughout the day and night. It has many places to visit and the food is great. I really like it here. My future career plan is to beocme a pilot. After finishing high school, I wish to join a pilot program abroad with a scholarship. In my spare time I love to play soccer. Me and my friends hangout at the park and occasionally we visit arcades. I was recently elected Form Leader in my class. This means I'm responsible for managing and taking care of the class and its students when there are no teachers around. I also have to assist subject teachers during classes. I enjoy exercising very much. On weekdays, I exercise for about an hour each day. Another think I enjoy very much is cooking. I love cooking new recipes at home for my family. It gives me immense joy when they enjoy what I cook. I want to cook for you guys too! About a month ago, I started learming how to play the piano. I am not that good at it but I think I am improving. At home, my responsibilities are keeping my room and belongings clean and in place, cooking when my mom is busy, and doing grocery shipping when my mom asks me to. Another resposibility I have is, delivering food to my grandmother. My grandma is neighbors with us so I do it on a daily basis. During weekends, i help my mom clean the house. i want to be of help to your household as well and assist you in ways I am able to. As a person, I am not that really demanding. My parents are always busy with their owrk so I have learned how to adat to things. My mom often goes on field visits i different cities and villages as it is a part of her work. My dad lives in a different city from me. Thanks to my parents, I have leanred how to take care of myself. So, I don't think I will get homesick during my stay with you. I am ecied to get new parents and learn new things from them. I would be very lucky if I had parents from another country. I love to get to know people and build new relationships. I am looking forward to getting to be a part of your family adn geting tokno your likings, hobbies, family ethics and way fo life as a whole and call myself a part of your family. I am also excited to share my own culture with yhou. I would love for you to try traditional Bengali food which is really good. If I get to have siblings that would be very exciting. With siblings comes responsibility. I will try my best to fulfill that responsibility and create a bond and connection with them. If I get the opportunity to join the 'YES program', it will increase my international exposure and networking. Also, I'll be able to learn about different cultures which will contribute to developing my interpersonal and communication skills and cultural adaptability. I will be able to make many international friends while sharing my own culture with them. And create a lifelong relationship with my host family. I am eagerly awaiting to get the opportunity to be a part of your family and experience & learn about American family ethics, conduct, culture and living while sharing my own culture with you That's it for this letter. I wish to share much more with you. Thank you. Best REgards, Wassy

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