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Painting or Drawing
Field Hockey
Skiing Downhill or Snowboarding
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's Letter

Dear Host Family, Thank you for giving me the opportunity of being an exchange student, and accepting me to live with you. I am a Chilean girl and I have always lived in Chile even though I have traveled to other countries. The biggest reason why I want to be an exchange student is because I like to try new things and I want to discover new cultures,food, people, etc. I love sports. I've been practicing them since I was a child, the first sport that I ever tried was Alpine skiing because of my father and uncle. I really enjoy that sport because I think that you have enough freedom to do the things you want. I am a very creative, artistic, academic and sporty girl. I enjoy drawing because it helps me to unwind my head after a long day and also lets me to express myself . I speak two different languages, Spanish and English, and I look forward to becoming more fluent in English. And it would be lovely if I could do these activities in the U.S. I have played Field hockey since I was 8 years old and it always brightens my days when I play it. I understand that I may not be able to join hockey at my school so I am interested in trying other things and joining school clubs. My dad is an Engineer who works at a transporting company and my mom is a Math Teacher. I have three brothers older than me, one of them studied gastronomy and he doesn't live with me, the other it's at law college and the last one is still at High School . We are a close family and I hope to become a part of your family as well. I think the food and traditions are the most important parts of Chilean culture. I am glad to share the beauty of Chilean culture with my host family. I also would like to show my host family how we celebrate the different Chilean traditions. For example, on September 18th we celebrate the Firts Governing Board. I can share the knowledge of traditional food and traditional clothes. I believe this experience will be unique and unforgettable. I am excited to become a part of your family and create new memories with you and my new friends. Warm Regards, Victoria

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Spanish (native), English (9 years)



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No fish

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Fall Semester

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Civil Engineer

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Math teacher


Andres (17) Joaquin (29) Arturo (19)

Sharing cultures and building communities with high school exchange.

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