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Dear Host family, Hi! My name is Ayaka. I'm excited about meeting you in the United States from now on. I am looking forward to the fun days. I want to go to the United States more than anyone! I believe I've always wanted to study abroad and see a world I don't know. As a high school student, I definitely want to exchange ideas actively with a lot of high school students there! So I decided to go to the United States. First, let me introduce myself! I am a high school student in Japan. I love studying, especially math and English! I am a member of the volleyball club and play volleyball almost every day! I started playing volleyball when I was 10 and I've been playing for 6 years now. I love the moment when I can unite with my teammates. I am a good volleyball player and was selected as a member of the prefectural team! I practice until about 7:00 on weekdays and play volleyball all day on weekends! Second, here are my good points. If you accept me, your life will be many, many times more enjoyable! I will bring you many smiles. I have the power to make everyone around me smile. Often friends and family say, "You make me smile! I'm always upbeat, with a bright mindset. With this power, I will definitely make you happy. I'm very active both inside and outside of school. I was student council president in elementary and junior high school, and now I'm class president. I've planned some new events and made school a whole lot more fun! I've planned other festivals myself to promote community interaction. Also, I'd love to learn about and your culture and hobbies and experience them with you! I'm really interested in new cultures!! I especially love cooking, so I want to make Japanese food and American food together. I also belong to a tea ceremony club and love Japanese culture! Do you know the tea ceremony? The tea ceremony is a very nice Japanese culture. So I want to share a lot of Japanese culture with you. Third, let me introduce my family. My family is my pride and treasure. My father is very athletic and often runs and cycles. So I exercise with him often! He knows a lot, he's cool and I respect him a lot. My mother is a very kind and warm person. At the end of the day, we talk a lot about what happened today. I love this time of day the best. She works very actively, and she's cool. She is someone I admire. My brother is a college student. He's learning about architecture. He is very good at tennis and loves it. I really respect him. Love to go out with family on weekends. I would love to go to any place with you too! Finally, I will talk about my dream. My dream is to be a doctor who is active around the world. And I want to save many lives around the world. For that reason, I would like to get a deep communication ability and a wide field of view with this study abroad. Thank you very much for accepting me for one year. I'm really happy and looking forward to seeing you. I can't wait! Ayaka

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Yuta (18)

Sharing cultures and building communities with high school exchange.

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