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Dear American Family, My name is Ihab, as in E-hab. I come from Lebanon. I have a really big family. My parents are Nilla and Ahmad, they own a small school in our village. I have five siblings: Lamar, Sandy, Samantha, Nelly and Mhamad. However, not all of us live in the same household; only I, Lamar and Nelly live with my parents. My sister Nelly went to the US last year on the YES exchange program and was hosted in the state of Vermont. She really enjoyed it and it made me more excited about applying. My family and I do many activities together. Every once in a while, we go on picnics and walks in the nature. Every Saturday, we have a big dinner, help each other cook and bake some sweets; we also have many movie nights. Some of my household responsibilities are taking out the garbage, setting up the table, cleaning my room, and putting my clothes in the washing machine. I really enjoy playing football (soccer) and basketball becasue I like to spend fun time with other people. I also like watching sports games. I often go to the gym and work out so I can stay healthy and meet others. I enjoy listening to music too, it takes me to a whole other world. I have many frends but only two best friends Hany and Bero. We usually hangout to play basketball, football (soccer), somtimes we have sleepovers and play cards board games or solve puzzles. My village in Lebanon has lots of lovely people and beautiful landscapes. What we think is the most special about it is the nice temprate climate. I am very adventurous and I like to experience new things. I have lived with two foreign host families in Turkey even though I did not speak their language, but we interacted very well and I had an incredible time. I want to go to the US to learn about its society, values, culture, to make American friends, and to try new things. I want to teach Americans about my country and language. I think this experience will help me figure out what to study in the future because in American schools I can choose all the classes that I like. But I know I am really interested in Math and physics. I want to improve my leadrship skills, engage in comunity service, experience many new things and try new sports in school. Ihab

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