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Dear Host family, I'm Namito. Please call me Nami. I'm 16 years old and a high school student. I grew up in a small town with rich in nature with mountains and ocean. There are four of us in my family. My father, mother, and older brother. My father works for a Japanese moving company as a moving coordinator for customers moving in and out to abroad. My mother works for a sportswear company. My brother is three years older than me and is studying physical therapy at a university. My grandparents live nearby. My grandfather is a fisherman and catches fish, lobster, and seaweed. I often help my grandfather with his work. The place where my grandfather worked as a fisherman is where I used to play since I was little. There, I learned many things such as the importance of protecting nature, the value of life, and group work. I feel very happy to cook and eat what I catch with my family. I hope you will try my Japanese food. I like watching movies, manga, and anime, listening to music, reading books, drawing pictures, traveling, camping, having activities in the mountains and ocean, and cooking. I especially like watching movies, and I often watch American movies. I also like visiting movie locations and reading original books. I search film directors and crews and study film techniques and the music used. Movies give me new knowledge, give me the opportunity to learn more, and make me grow. When it comes to sports, I like playing and watching. I am currently in a badminton club, but I would also like to try sports that are only available in the United States. And I would like to wear local uniforms and watch NFL, NBA, and MLB games. I have a dream to become a member of the Disney movie production staff in the future. There are many jobs associated with movies, but I am especially interested in CG technologies. Disney and Warner Brothers have excellent CG technologies, and their colors and expressions are very beautiful and liked by people all over the world. I have watched lots of movies in various genres. They moved and touched deep in my heart and helped me find a "new me," and gave me courage also. My desire to bring this kind of excellence to people around the world is what made me decide to work in the film industry. I believe I will succeed because I have the charm to be friends with anyone. There are many things I would like to experience during my exchange program. And I would like to share a lot with you. Then, of course, I would like to share Japanese culture with you. I am really looking forward to seeing you. Best regards, Namito

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Kazane (16)

Sharing cultures and building communities with high school exchange.

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