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Singing - Choir or Karaoke
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Painting or Drawing


's Letter

Dear host family, I would first like to begin this letter by thanking you for welcoming me in your family and your home for this year that I believe will be unforgettable. My name is Mahaut, I come from France in one of the biggest city in France in the North. I live at my Parent's, in house with my older brother named Elie whose 17 years old as well as my cat named Sachat and of course my parents Emmanuelle, my mom and Nicolas, my dad. I love my family and my friends, they mean everything to me. I'm studying in a general private high school and after high school, I would like to enter in a business and marketing school. I've always loved the United States and, I've always dreamed to travel there so this exchange means a lot to me because it's sort of a dream come true. During this year I hope to learn many matters on the Americans as possible, such as your way of living, the American high school, know young people of my age or know more about interesting things from your culture. I want to do this exchange first for the cultural experience, I believe doing this exchange will be a great experience for me and also a great way to improve my english skills. Later I would like to work as an international commercial, so this exchange will also be a great addition for my records to get a job or even enter my dream school. I would mostly do marketing in fashion because this seems very interesting, for exemple working in a big magazine like Vogue or in a big company like LVMH or something similar. I'm a out-going person even tho I can seem a little shy at the beginning. I love cultivate myself, whether it is with art, music, films or school,it's because I'm a very curious person. I mostly really love art and music, even tho I don't play any instruments. I take school very seriously and I'm a very hard-working person. I give a lot of importance towars my family and my friends and I love them more then anything in the world. I love to hang out with my friends and just chill with them and also I love doing any types of activities with my family like going to the restaurant or the movies all together. Those moments with my family or with my friends are moments I really cherish. To conclude this letter, I'm really thanking you for welcoming me in your family. It really means a lot to me and I truely believe that this year with you will be fantastic and that it will be one of the best year of my live and an amazing experience. I sincerly can't wait to meet you face to face once I come to the United States. Sincerly Mahaut, your exchange student from France.

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French (native), English (6 years), German (3 years)



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auto entrepreneur


Elie (17)

Sharing cultures and building communities with high school exchange.

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