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Dear host family, My name is Maral and I would like you to get to know me better with this letter. It has always been one of my dreams to experience what it's like living in America and I'm so glad that it will be a reality soon. I will try my best to give you some insight into my family, friends, and goals as well as myself. I live in Mongolia, a beautiful country surrounded by mountains. I describe my family as just an ordinary Mongolian family it consists of 5 members: my parents, my younger sister, my dog, and of course me! I adore both of my parents very much. I'm thankful to my dad for teaching me the ways of life and for always being by my side. He’s the most generous loving person. I know the same goes for my mom. She has always been like a best friend to me. I love our girl talk and how she always sticks by my side no matter what. Having a little sister isn't always easy we have a few ups and downs some days but that will never stop me from loving her. I always strive to be my best to be as good of a role model as I can be since she brings so much joy into my life. As for my dog even though he hasn't been in my life for such a long time I love him as if I'd known him since birth. I love how he's always by my side silently supporting me with everything I do. My best friend’s name is Michelle. She is like a 6th family member to me. I've been with her almost all of my life ten years. Even though we don't share the same blood, she is like a twin to me. We are similar in so many ways and she's the only person that truly understands everything about me. I can rely on her no matter what. She's been with me through my darkest and happiest times and we grew up together. Throughout those long years, I've spent with her, she has taught me so many things and sometimes I wonder how I landed on such a perfect girl as my best friend. It is nice knowing that no matter what happens there is a person by my side who will never judge me and support me unconditionally. I owe her so much for that. She is truly everything I could ask for in a friend. As for me, I'm a free spirit who wants to enjoy everything in life! My hobbies include gaming, reading, and hiking. When I don't have the time to travel and explore physically, I can just do it with my imagination by reading or playing different games! There are so many fantasy places with their own story and magic just in the comforts of my room and who would pass up on that opportunity? Definitely not me. But when I have to get my body moving, I enjoy hiking through nature and observing its beauty of it. Just the smell of fresh grass and the sound of bugs buzzing is enough to get my blood pumping and feel at ease. I'm the type of girl who loves getting glammed up even if it's a quick run to the convenience store. Feeling your best on the inside and out is key to having a good day! There is nothing better than taking care of yourself, every person has room for improvement but you need to improve yourself for yourself and not other people. Because at the end of the day, every person wants something different and you can't fit into every standard they set up for you what matters is being true to yourself and loving yourself no matter what. Speaking of people, I'm a very social person although I tend to get awkward sometimes that's just only for a short period of time I enjoy meeting new people and making new friends I would say I get along with everyone but it is also one of my weaknesses since I warm up to people too fast. I am looking forward to meeting you guys and spending a great unforgettable year with my new friends and family Sincerely, Maral

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Uyanga (10)

Sharing cultures and building communities with high school exchange.

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