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Dear host family, My name is Amin-Erdene but my family and most of my friends call me “Ami” and some people call me Azu or Azura which is my other nickname. I live with my parents and my three younger brothers. As the eldest son of my family, I have a responsibility to take care of my younger brothers and do my chores as well. I've been living in Ulan Bator since I was born and I haven't had any experience living in another country for a long time. Even Though I like to travel and learn about other cultures and lifestyles. I have traveled with my family to some Asian countries such as Vietnam, China, Russia, South Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore but I have never been to another continent. When I was a little kid, I always wondered if I could travel to the USA and dreamed of studying in high school or university there. That’s why I heard about this international high school exchange program, it seemed like I could fulfill my dream. I hope that by attending this program, I can learn about American culture and make international friends. There are not so many things or food that I don't like because I'm open to everything and I quite like to try new things. But I don't like to eat chitterlings and some seafood like a fried octopus. Moreover, I'd like to write lyrics to the songs by myself and play basketball, checkers, chess, and card games. I think I'm an ambivert person. For me, it's not difficult to communicate with others and make friends easily, but sometimes I'd like to be alone to self-reflect. I have many great friends. Some of them are studying in other countries like Japan, the UK, and the USA. One of my best friends Richard is studying in the USA and we talk mostly about his everyday life and school activities when we call each other. It is always an interesting topic for us to compare the USA school life with Mongolian. It seems that life is a box within boxes. When people leave their small boxes, it is possible to enter bigger boxes. I believe that the international high school exchange program will make me leave my small boxes and know the other life of this world. I hope my letter was understandable to you and I will be happy to be part of your family. Best wishes, Amin-Erdene.

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