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Future family, my name is Eduardo. I chose the United States because I identify myself a lot with the country and believe that I will have a good development and it can be an amazing experience for my life. I like playing table tennis very much and I love to do things in the computer, I am very into technology. Studying abroad, this period in the USA is a very special opportunity that I have to improve my English, I always dreamed to do an exchange program, I want to travel around the world, try different kinds of food and learn about other culture, I would love to make new friends from another country, to listen to different histories. Talking about my house chores, every day I have to take the trash out and make my bed before my parents come home, sometimes I help them in other tasks like to do the dishes and hang the clothes. I would like to learn another language because I think this is going to help me a lot to get future opportunities to work in other places and maybe go to other countries. I want to improve my English during my exchange program and have a real American experience. I want to go to an exchange program because I think it is a once in a lifetime experience, that will affect my future in a positive form, opening doors, have new opportunities to explore new possibilities, and learning new things living with an American family, and live the American high school with the extra grades and your different kind of subjects to try them. I’m very shy, but I’m opened to live new experiences and possibilities. I 'would like to try new possibilities in sports like volleyball, basketball, and any other sport that I have possibility to try and know, because I think sports can provide new friends, good relationships. I'm very interested on activities related with computer, I can try technology clubs or groups, I’d love to take part on activities like this. When I return from my exchange, I intend to prepare myself to study Physics at University, because I identify myself with that subject. My goals and expectations for my exchange year are meeting a new culture, develop my independence and maturity, and gain new knowledge. I have Christian principles. I have no problem with food, I like new experiences, getting to know new cultures, I like animals, I have the ability to adapt to new situations. I am a routine person and I believe that we will live a unique experience of exchanging knowledge and broad learning. See you soon.

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Portuguese (native), English (1 year)



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Sharing cultures and building communities with high school exchange.

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