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Dear future family, I hope you are doing well. My name is Mathilde but people call me Mathou or Mammoute (I have a slight preference for the latter). Before venturing into your life, I will first introduce myself. I live in a small country town, althougt within a quick reach of big cities (especially Paris for connnoisseurs). In my family, there are five of us ! I have two wonderful brothers, with whom I get along very well (despite some bickering). Nathan is 12. Baptiste is five years older than me. I don't see him much anymore because it's bren two years since he lives in his onw apartment :') Now let's talk about my parents. My father likes to tinker with lots of trinkets that I will never understand the usefulness, while my mother likes to watch movies, rolled up in warm blankets. I am currently in 10th grade (and I usely go to school by bus). My class is mainly composed of students rather friendly and quick-witted (to my great joy). As for my teachers, we can say that I have my little preferences (my math teacher), but all are very good at teading and helping to develop a critical mind. My high school is located in a very green place, next to a lake, on the edge of which my friends and I like to eat sushi. Speaking of my friends, they all have very distinct characters, which gives us an extraordinary complementarity. Small example: Lena (one of those visible in the photos), is like a little groundhog. She loves sleeping and taking time for herself.But what she prefers above all are hugs! (which does not enchant me too much, me who is not really cuddly). We never separate! I will now give you some important points about my character (a little dynamic I admit), as well as my passions and interests. That's why, when I learned that sports is an integral part of the life of a high school student in the United States, I couldn't help but smile. Indeed, I'm part of a volleyball team with which I get along very well! (the reverse would have been binding). Which makes me think that at the time I write this letter, I have a match planned very soon for the qualifications of the Cup of France ! I do up to 12 hours of volleyball per week, which is very exhausting. But let's hold on! Sometimes I run in the forest with my dog :) Let me tell you about him... He's an angel fallen from heaven! He's adorable and endowed with an extraordinary intelligence! He's very playful and loves hugs. And cherry on the cake, he's extremely beautiful! In short, I love him. Kind warning : I have a lot of humor. So please bear with me. I hope my sarcasm isn't mistaken for complacency. I'm a person who adapts easily. I love going out with my family or friends, in amusement parks as well as in the mountains, or even at the pool or in shops! I like watching movies, reading adventure novels (or manga) and playing board games (and video games). As far back as I can remember, every summer during my childhood, my parents took us on long hikes, be they on horseback or on foot, which pushed me to appreciate nature and its many landscapes (even if I moaned, I really enjoyed the moment). I love animals, especially horses and birds of prey. I can't help but find them majestic.In my spare time, I sometimes draw. I find it relaxing after a long day. I am very curious, I love learning new things ! In terms of food, I don't like Brussels sprouts, but I can endure it if neaded. I chose the United States because I have always dreamed of discovering your culture and to share your way of live. With my future family, I would like sharing many experiences, laugh, play together, but also learn whilr feeling safe. I hope this letter has won some of you over :)

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French (native), English (4 years), German (3 years)



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Sharing cultures and building communities with high school exchange.

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