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Dear host family, first of all I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to stay with you and being my host family. I am beyond grateful for that. My name is Anton and I live with my family in a small town in Germany. A very big city is quite close to my hometown. I have two brothers, Emil is four years younger and my brother Moritz is 3 years older than me. Emil likes playing football and computer games with his friends and Moritz is very good in drawing and creative stuff. His great pictures hang everywhere in the house. My mum works as a a psychotherapist and my dad is CEO of an Offshore Wind Energy Association. They are 45 and 47 years old. Since April 2020 we also have a dog belonging to our family. Its a black Labrador and I really love it to walk and play with Rocky. Every day we all have dinner together and we talk about our days and important events or problems. I also enjoy our vacations twice or three times a year. Since we have the dog we mostly travel to places where we can hike and walk and the dog can join us. In winter holidays we usually go skiing. Last January I was skiing in Czech Republic with my best friend as part of a youth camp. Two of my best friends are classemates but I have also many other friends from volleyball or my brothers friendgroup. I really love to play volleyball. I am member of a volleyball team and practice 3 to 4 times a week. In addition I try to go to the gym to increase my bodyshape an fitness level. In my leasure time also like to read mangas and watch animes. Next July I will graduate the 10th class of high school. I plan to continue high school for another 2 years after the exchange year in your country. Actually I want to become a teacher for older students. I especially like geographic, philosophy and PE. But of course English is also very important to me. I would love to improve my language skills, especially internalize grammatical rules and enlarge my vocalulary. I am very intrested in daily family routines and school life in the USA. I already watched many movies and documentations about the US and would love to get the chance to experience it for a longer time. I am friendly, open, tolerant and humorous guy. I am able and willing to take part of your family life and help in daily household and garden tasks. I am looking forward to spending my next school year in the USA and I am very excited to be part of your family. I really appreciate the willingness of host families to make this adventure and expereince possible. Best wishes, Anton

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German (native), English (10+ years), French (4 years)



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Sharing cultures and building communities with high school exchange.

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