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Hi my future host family, First of all I would like to thank you a lot for taking your time to read my letter and choosing me to be the exchange student you will be welcoming in your house and in your family. I am a French teenage girl. Going to America have always been a dream for me since I started learning English in 4th Grade because I always found it's a special country with its culture, its language that I love, its landscape and its size compared to France. I love eating but I don't know if I love it as much as cooking, it's really a passion for me, I think that's another reason of why America interests me so much. I would describe myself as someone clumsy, that make me kinda funny because, for examples, when I fall it is always quite unlikely I would say but fortunately I never hurt myself. I would also, say I am outgoing, open-minded, a bit goofy but I can be serious when I need to and I am invested in whatever I am doing. I love to try and learn new things everyday. I enjoy sports, singing and dancing, even if I'm not really good at it, tinker and organizing, even if it sounds weird. I speak two languages, French and English, even if I can get better, I also speak Spanish to a certain level, and know basic Russian and Korean, it's because I love to learn about new cultures, I also learned some random words in a few languages. I would love to try new sports and learn new subjects that we don't have the opportunity to learn in France. I would really appreciate to join school clubs if I can and also maybe try some activities with you that we don't do or that isn't usual in France. My dad and my mom have the same job, they are both police officers and both like travelling, I might have taken that from them because I enjoy it a lot too. I also have an older sister that is studying to become a pilot. Together we went to a few countries, we went to Canada a few times, we went to Ireland and we also went on a cruise where we visited a few Caribbean islands. Maybe if you travel too, we will exchange about that, and which country we want to go next. I am willing to share French culture with you, the gastronomy, the songs, the history and the poetry, to explain some French national day, when we eat crepes or "galettes des rois" or when we celebrate armistice and also to talk about the stereotypes about France, because yes I like baguette and cheese but no I don't eat croissants for breakfast everyday. I am also looking forward to listening to you and learning about your culture(s). I have seen so many exchange students talking about how amazing their experiences were, I've seen pictures and videos, it really made this exchange year a dream for me. Meeting new people, travelling, learning a lot about a new culture and way of life, about people and also about myself is for me really interesting and I would love to experience this. I also like photography and I think I could take some beautiful ones in the USA. I think it's something I will never forget and tell my kids about. I am really excited and I can't wait to finally join your family and live my dream with you. Many thanks and with the kindest regards, Lauriane.

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Coline (18)

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