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Dear host family, Hi I'm seoyeong. First I want to say thank you for choosing me as your new family member. I'm a very active person especially in sports. I'm not good at playing sports, but I like it and enjoy playing it. Usually I play badminton. When I get a free P.E. class at school, my friends and I play it. But if I go to the U.S.A., I want to try playing tennis. I think it's similar as well as different with badminton. Also I like running, too. Although I don't run nowadays but I want to exercise almost everyday in there. To make excuse, I am conscious to others. So I don't run outside. Sometimes, I became very quiet and passive like when I meet strangers and even I have to talk to them. Actually I'm very shy because I worry about other's thinking about me. But if I become familiar, I will try to talk to you many times. I hope you have hobby that I can enjoy with you. In my case, I like reading books. And listening to music, playing musical instruments like piano, guitar, and drum. Especially I like playing drum. I'm not good at it but when I hit the drum, it's sound and feeling make me very exciting! If I have a chance to play musical instruments I would like to. During the exchange student program, I want to experience many things like visiting museums, art museums, and other places that I can do the activities. Also I want to go to the library the most. I have been to the library in USA but at that time I was too young to remember about it. I’d like to know your lifestyle, too. You’re living in another culture with me so I wanna know and experience. Usually at home, I help my parents do chores like washing dishes, clean the house with a vacuum cleaner, and set the table for meals. I can cook some korean foods, so if I go there I want to make some for you!! But don’t expect much. I’m not good at cooking as much as you expect. Expecting the day we meet, Seoyeong

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Isoo (9)

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